Monday, October 14, 2019

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You could well say Krakow is Rome for those travelling on a budget. It also has amazing history, architecture, food and the general atmosphere. But it costs only a quarter of what Rome does.

So, how expensive is Krakow? Not much. It can be really cheap. A number of cost-effective options are there – for food, for drinks, for travel and for stay. If you want premium facilities, you can find them as well, but at a much lower rate than you probably expect.

How Cheap Is Krakow Really?

Most tourists look for the prices of the following four in any city: food, stay, travel and... Read More

Spending a week in Australia is a dream for many. It’s a bucket list item that can take a lifetime to fulfil, but if you have the chance to do it sooner, you should jump at it. When all you want to do is relax, there are a lot of options in the land down under. Try these top 7 ideas to have the best and most relaxing vacation ever.

1. Visit a Victorian spa

Spa holidays are always the most relaxing type of trips to take, with the option to pamper yourself as much as you like. Not only is the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa in Victoria, it has also been around since the... Read More

Today, there are nations that are wholly dependent on tourism for their economy. So, here’s a look at the top 10 countries in the world that have emerged as famous tourist places.


Though Singapore may not completely be dependent on tourism, as they are quite strong in other industries as well, tourism forms a huge chunk of their economy. It emerged as a famous tourist place as Singapore is an island nation. Singapore also takes care of its tourist offering them wonderful experiences. In a tour to Singapore, you can enjoy, the Singapore Flyer, Gardens... Read More

Pervaded with beautiful architectures like the famous Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and the US capital. New York City is a perfect blend of attractive places to visit and it offers so many activities to do which attract more and more tourists to the city. Also, it is a city of pet-lovers with an estimated 1.1 million strength of pets in New York. And with many New Yorkers to whom their pets mean no less than any human for them. The pet lovers around the whole global world who want to travel with their pet-friends to enjoy the environment of New York City or for a visit to New York. New York... Read More

Finding the perfect resort for your family can be challenging, particularly when you have several requirements to fill. However, it is not impossible. So, before you apply for your European health insurance card and head on your next family holiday, read on to see our choices for some of the resorts that are worth visiting in 2019 with your family.

Flamingo Beach Resort, Lanzarote

If you are looking for the perfect resort in Lanzarote with a spa for the adults and a swimming pool for the kids, then the Flamingo Beach Resort is perfect for you. Located right on the cost of... Read More

As a student or a professional, vacation is the best time of the year for anyone. You get to kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and enjoy the most breath-taking views even from your hotel room.

Sight-seeing is one way to enjoy the natural, architectural beauty in the world, but there is something unexplainable about having a magnificent view right outside your room. It not only adds to the luxury of the vacation but makes you appreciate life in all its glory.

But, one downside to all the luxury is the expensive price tag attached to your room. Thus, if you are... Read More

Packing up the family for a holiday typically means lots of planning! It means even more planning if you’re prepping for an international vacation. Sometimes the most difficult part of planning can be choosing your destination. If you’re one of the thousands of tourists who enjoy snorkelling, diving, surfing or any other variety of watersports, you’re probably interested in checking out watersports resorts. Watersport holiday destinations are usually going to take you to sandy beaches and lots of sun - but where will you go? Check out our list of the top 7 best watersport holiday destinations... Read More

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