Your Love of Travel

You love to travel. You seldom feel happier than when walking into an airport, knowing you’re about to embark. You love small seaside towns with red- and white-striped awnings and ice cream stand; you love the Eiffel tower twinkling at night. You love hiking through Southern China and spelunking in Iceland and strolling through the Louvre. You may have done some of these things already; they may be on your bucket list. Wherever travel takes you, you can’t get enough of it. When it comes to travel, you’re all in.

While you can hang the photos of your trips all through your house, you don’t have as many outlets to express your passion. Sports fans can fill their homes with banners and winter gear, all themed after their favorite teams. Your passion for travel is akin to some people’s passion for sports, but you don’t have as many ways of flaunting your love. If you want to take pride in team travel, here are some creative ways to show your colors.

One of the best ways to flaunt your love of travel is to invest in an away-from-home home. Maybe you’ll buy and put together a vacation rental--that way, you can use it on every day you reserved for yourself, and others can enjoy it when you’re not there. You can make a good income on the day's others are appreciating your travel destination. If the upkeep and second-job aspect of owning a vacation rental aren’t for you, consider an option like these Welk timeshares and still have that home-away-from-home retreat. Nothing beats your own private space when it comes to celebrating travel.

A quicker, cheaper, and more versatile way to express your love of travel: get travel related accessories. You may already have the Eiffel tower on your bedspread or a photo wall of places you’ve been or want to go. But if you’re serious about setting off for new destinations on a regular basis, get your luggage customized. Get leather patches of every place you’ve visited and start to checker your luggage with it. Get unique luggage bag tags. When you’re at the airport, make it clear that you’re a travel lover. You’ll love the way your luggage proclaims your passion--kind of like having a football jersey.

Travel is one of the most worthwhile things money can buy. Most people, when asked where their favorite memories of family, friends, or life occurred, answer, “on vacation.” Traveling is a unique experience that enhances our appreciation of culture, ourselves, and the world. If you love it--be proud. Let everybody know.