New Jersey Through The Lens Of Three Townships

Unless you are from New Jersey, it seems like just a place on the map that is near New York City and home to historic Atlantic City, which you followed through the HBO television series Boardwalk Empire. Bet you didn’t know that New Jersey was the first state to sign the Bill of Rights, or that it ranks second in blueberry production. New Jersey also has more horses per square mile than any other state. Fun facts such as these are relatively useless unless the theme at trivia night titled “Useless Facts About US 50 States.” So, we’ve compiled a list of the townships you should know a little bit about, because there are so many townships in New Jersey that it is hard to keep them all straight, even if you are a local.


Newark is the most populous city in New Jersey and is the U.S’s major hub for air, shipping, and railways. The city’s Central Ward has most of the original historical sites, such as Lincoln Park, Military Park, and Washington Park. Also in the Ward is University Heights, Government Center, and Krueger Mansion. The Central Ward is also where the nation’s largest health science university is located, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School. The list goes on. Three other universities are in the Central Ward, including New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers University-Neward, and Essex County College. Port Newark is part of the largest cargo facility in New York and New Jersey.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick was first inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans until 1681 when the first European settlement established Prigmore’s Swamp. New Brunswick has always been an important hub for travelers and traders, from colonial times to today. New Brunswick is a gold mine for history buffs, where you can still see sites such as the Bishop House, a mansion of Italianate style that was built for James Bishop. The house was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Another notable place is Old Queens, which was built in 1809 and is the oldest building at Rutgers University. So the next time you are visiting Orofacial Pain Relief Orthodontics in Newark and New Brunswick, NJ at Rutgers University, take advantage of the historical significance and visit the old campus.


Woodbridge, New Jersey is known across the state because it is the oldest original township. It’s named after Reverend John W Woodbridge, who settled there in 1664. The first brewery to operate in Woodbridge Township was J.J. Bitting Brewing Company, which opened its doors in 1997. The brewery and restaurant is housed in a 100-year old brick building that was once J.J Bitting Coal and Feed Depot. What once serviced the farming community in Woodbridge was restored and serves the community. If breweries aren’t your thing, stop by one of New Jersey’s five locations for discount liquor in Woodbridge, Joe Canals. Another point of interest in Woodbridge, New Jersey is the Jonathan Singletary Dunham House, which was built near the earliest grist mill in New Jersey, by Barack Obama’s eighth great-grandfather. Now that’s a fun fact!