5 Reasons San Diego Is A Swell Place To Live

If you’re not American but you’re fond of catching bucketloads of belly laughs by watching US comedy flicks, you might be most familiar with San Diego through the Will Ferrell masterpiece Anchorman.

But ‘America’s Finest City’ has a lot more going for it than being a backdrop for one of the silver screen’s craziest characters – according to official stats, it attracts 35.8 million visitors annually and regularly ranks high on the U.S. News and World Report’s ‘Best Places to Live in the US list’.

So if you’re considering upping sticks for good and relocating somewhere sublime, it’s well worth consideration.

With that in mind, here are five reasons San Diego is a swell place to live.

1. Climate

If you want a climate that’s conducive to lots of time spent relaxing outdoors, San Diego is just about perfect.

Usclimatedata.com reports that the annual high temperature for San Diego is an impressive 69.8°F, while the annual low is 57.5°F.

Meanwhile, average annual rainfall precipitation is 10.4 inches and you can expect 2598 hours of sunshine per annum.

2. California burritos

The first time you taste a California burrito, you’ll wonder why no-one’s told you about this mouth-watering culinary masterpiece.

A favorite of San Diegan surfers, it’s packed to bursting point with carne asada, French fries and fresh veg – and as well as tasting terrific, it’s also a legendary hangover cure.

You can pick them up all over town 24/7, but recommended burrito barns include the Nico’s Mexican Food chain, Lucha Libre in Mission Hills and Sarita’s in Spring Valley.

3. Craft beer

When nothing’s more satisfying than an ice-cold brewski, there might be no better place to slake your thirst than San Diego.

Its America’s craft beer capital, thanks to artisan breweries like the Ballast Point Brewing Company, Pizza Port Brewing and Stone Brewing and this niche industry is big business, pumping $1 billion into the local economy.

So as well as never being stuck for a brilliant pint of beer, this is also a prime hiring location for experienced brewers and alcohol industry scientists.

4. Fish tacos

It’s back to food for the fourth entry on our superb San Diego list, but this time we’re salivating over fish tacos.

This reasonably healthy delicacy is an absolute delight and it’s available in grilled or fried versions with mahi, wahoo, shrimp, shark, pollock, oyster or calamari.

To sample for yourself, pull up a seat at the seaside South Beach Bar and Grille, The Fish Shop at Pacific Beach or Brigantine’s, close to the Del Mar Racetrack.

5. San Diego International Airport (SAN)

When you travel for work or have friends and family across the US and further afield, having a convenient airport can be the deal clincher when it comes to making the final decision to relocate.

Luckily, San Diego International Airport fits the bill perfectly, with regular connections to a host of international destinations like Calgary, Zurich and Tokyo.

Amenities are also excellent, with SAN airport parking, an Airspace Lounge and BeRelax Spa.

That’s our list! Share your own SAN airport tips in the comments section.