Sunday, September 15, 2019

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No matter your employer and no matter the requirements of your profession, your company has a duty of care for its employees which is enforceable through the legal system. If you’ve suffered an injury at work, you’re entitled to compensation, no matter how ‘risky’ your job, because that will all be part of the contract you signed with them.

The question is: where do you go from here? If you’ve had an accident during work hours, there are certain steps and procedures you should follow to ensure that you not only get the immediate care you may need, but any financial... Read More

The first thing to know about car accidents is what to call them.

A growing number of people, including Mark Rosekind of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, believe that since trains wreck and ships sink, cars should crash. A word like “accident” implies no fault, he opined, and only about 6 percent of car crashes are caused by defective products, bad weather, or other factors completely beyond the operator’s control. Mr. Rosekind may be leading the charge, but others are following.

Earlier this year, Nevada lawmakers voted to replace “accident” with “crash” in... Read More

You may be wondering how is it possible to lose weight without counting calories? I mean, what if you over eat without knowing, right? I’m sure all those that have struggled to lose weight on a restricted calorie diet can will be intrigued by the fact the you don’t have to count calories to lose weight. In this blog I will put forward the myths surrounding calories.

Here goes..

Calorie mythology and weight loss

For any person, whether a competitive athlete striving to make weight for competition, or just an average Joe wanting to lose weight, most believe that they must count... Read More

Medicine is, and will always be, one of the most hot-button topics in politics. Just look at the current arguments over the Affordable Care Act. To some people, it’s the godsend they’ve been looking for. To others, it threatens to bankrupt the country. But the truth is that we are failed in healthcare in a lot more ways than access. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the most common failings that more of us should be aware of.


Malpractice, a more common problem than you think

When our healthcare providers fail to provide the level of care necessary to... Read More

The eyes are one of the first body parts to show signs of aging. This is mostly due to the thin delicate skin surrounding your eyes that leave it more prone to sun damage, free radicals, genetics and improper skincare. Our eyes have to withstand fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and sagging skin. An effective eye cream should be able to work on all of these areas at once.

Elite Serum Rx

Elite Serum is a trusted product largely thanks to the reputation of the creator company SkinPro. The company has designed and sold many of these products since 2009. Developed from a renowned... Read More

Success of any marriage ceremony roams around several factor including venue, dress, jewelry, food, wedding cards, and bridal makeup.

Habit of drinking more water can make your body hydrated and keep your brain refresh. Daily consumption of two liter water is sufficient for you. If you exercise and sweat more, consume extra ounce of water. It releases toxins out of your body, and keep your metabolism active, which helps you in reducing fat.

Daily breakfast

Have breakfast daily within an hour of rising, it keeps eating habit healthy and your metabolism burning all the day.... Read More

More and more people today are turning towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps you lose weight, improve your health, and stay productive. But staying motivated to work out all year can be tough. Fitness enthusiasts always need to look for new ideas to keep interested in exercising.

You’ve probably tried all the usual workouts like running and cycling. You’ve probably already had a go with every piece of exercise in your gym. When things get old, sometimes it takes a unique and engaging training idea to get you interested in fitness again. Here are some you may not have considered... Read More

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