Immerse Yourself in to the World of New Fitness

Immerse Yourself in to the World of New Fitness

Fitness plays an important role in the happiness and longevity of your life. If you’re a fitness enthusiast who has a liking for tech gadgets, then you would already know about the Fitbit, Apple Watch and other gadgets that help you to monitor your physical activity.

Now, there is a new and better way to train your body. After the global pandemic of COVID19, many countries have locked down and have strict protocols that prohibit the opening of crowded places. Even if the places are open there is an upper ceiling on the number of people who can be inside a gym. In such a situation, most people are stuck inside the four walls of the home.

This can lead to a feeling of stagnation and the motivation to engage in physical activity or exercise could go down. However, there is an easy and a technological solution to this situation. The solution comes in the form of an app called Vingo.

If you are a cycling enthusiast who hates indooor cycling then you should definitely check out this app. The app provides an easy escape from the clutches of the interiors. It is a simulation app that helps you to look and feel the wide open outdoors even while cycling inside your home.

Take Your Friends to Your Cycling Trip

One important reason why cycling inside your home feels stale is the fact that you can’t take your friends with you. They might be in a different street or even a different city. With this app, you can workout with your friends in the virtual world. While the app is yet to get full VR capabilities, you can use the app with your laptop or tablet.

With the screen in front of you, you can get an immersive experience that transcends your ordinary and mundane walking or cycling to a thrilling and memorable experience. This makes Vingo as one of the first online cycling apps to elevate your ordinary cycling into an almost multiplayer gaming experience.

Not Your Ordinary Cycling App but A Multiplayer Gaming Arena

If you have been using other cycling apps in the past, you will soon understand that Vingo is not like other apps that track your physical activity. Of course, Vingo also tracks your speed, cadence, calorie burning and other regular parameters but it is much more than that.

Since the app provides an immersive experience in which you can take your friends and family, it will be more like the modern and addictive games of PUBG, Fortnight, etc.

So, if you are sincere about your health, then installing Vingo on your laptop or tablet is one of the best things that you can do for your health. It is easy to workout along with your friends from even far off places. Imagine working out with a friend who is outside of your country. Moreover, you can also find and meet new people in the arena and forge new and healthy friendships.

In short, Vingo is an Indoor cycling app but much more than that. It is the new tool to exercise, socialise and rejuvenate your mind and body. So, what are you waiting for?

Head to the official website, find the link to the app that is appropriate for your device. As of now, the app for Windows devices is ready to download. You can soon find the apps for other platforms like Mac, Android, iOS. Interestingly, the app is not available for Ubuntu & Linux users but you can easily find a workaround and install the Windows version of the app.