You Are What You Eat: 5 Foods to Promote Longer, Healthier Eyelashes

Do you dream of long luscious eyelashes? Well just like most parts of our body, the key is in what you eat. Check out these foods and nutrients that are sure to grow longer, stronger, and darker eyelashes.

Healthy Nourishment

Given below are five food items that can be helpful in getting beautiful eyelashes:

Salmon:One of the best foods to eat to help your eyelashes grow is salmon. Its full of essential omega-3 fatty acids that stimulate eyelash growth and strengthens the eyelash shaft. The combo of protein and fish oil found in salmon also create a powerful duo that helps keep eyelashes and overall hair healthy.

Avocados:Healthy hair growth is just one of the many health benefits avocados can bring to your body. Avocados are rich in the hair nutrient, biotin, also known as Vitamin H. The H in Vitamin H even stands for the German word for hair. This is because Vitamin H helps promote metabolism that stimulates growth, strengthens eyelashes, and prevent brittle and fragile eyelashes. Other than biotin, avocados are rich in Vitamin E, which can help repair hair and eyelash damage.

Oysters:One of the top health foods, oysters promote the growth of healthy, longer hair. Oysters are rich in zinc which nourishes the scalp and generates good hair follicles. This benefit extends to your eyelashes and helps them to grow stronger at their roots to prevent breakage and increase growth.

Fun Fact: As per a study by the University of Houston, wearing blue light glasses at night can increase melatonin by 58%. Melatonin is effective in getting sound sleep.

Spinach:Popeye the Sailor Man ate spinach to grow his muscles and gain his strength, but should he have saved some for Olive Oil? Spinach is full of Vitamins B and C which help to grow healthy and strong eyelashes. Vitamin B promotes hair regrowth, reduces the risk of thinning lashes, and increases the production of melanin which creates the eyelash’s dark color. Vitamin C is known as the beauty vitamin and it helps to hydrate the lashes, accelerate healing, repair damaged follicles, and prevent lash breaking. The vitamin also protects your eyelashes from any infections that stunt their growth.

Olive Oil:Olive Oil herself may have been the cure for longer eyelashes. Olive oil is a natural resource of many nutrients that promote healthy hair growth and create longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes. This is why olive oil is used in many natural eyelash growth serums on the market. Even direct application to your eyelashes will create fast growth results.

Consuming the right foods can do wonders for our bodies and these five foods are sure to stimulate eyelash growth and help you achieve your dream lashes.