Wednesday, April 01, 2020

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Have you heard about the amazing power of biodiesel? This technological wonder is a renewable, powerful, and clean-burning fuel. The properties of biodiesel are quite simple. A chemical reaction turns organic fat into consumable fuel. Straight vegetable oil can be used; waste oil can be used as well. Could you imagine pulling up to a fast-food restaurant and filling up your vehicle? With a little bit of equipment and technical skill, you can upgrade any diesel burner to biodiesel.

Biodiesel can power anything from passenger buses to generators. Most diesel engines can run on biofuel... Read More

Instead of a steely, clichéd logo, make sure to use a colorful design for your brand. No one’s exactly sure why, but we as humans respond to color on a visceral level. Indeed, in a study calledImpact of Color in Marketing, researchers found that up to ninety percent of quick judgements on products are made based just on the color. Beyond that, how colors affect the individual consumer is up to conjecture. If it were scientific fact that blue signage brought in more customers than red, Coca-Cola would rebrand tomorrow. But in the case of color, it’s mostly a subjective field. That’s not to... Read More

In many respects, the ever-fascinating twists and turns in the world of technology reflect a particular need. It might be classified as a need to make things simpler, or to bring everything together into one place. Whatever it is, it is clear that the digital world often provides solutions which are geared around making traditional technologies obsolete. Sometimes, the kinds of technology which are rendered antiquated in this way can be quite surprising - but it’s a good idea to keep up to date with such changes if you want to keep ahead of the kerb. Let’s take a look at some of the more... Read More

Unified software for printed circuit board design projects is an essential upgrade to make your team as productive as possible. Yet many PCB design houses are still working with a scattered array of siloed software because that’s how they’ve always done it. Here is how unified software can make your PCB design project more efficient.

Saving Money

If you’re using several different tools to create printed circuit board designs, gerber files, maintain bills of material and track design requirements, you’re probably paying for software licenses for all of them. This adds up quickly. And... Read More

How malicious code can hurt your website

It will be fair to admit that over the last few years the malware business on the internet has been growing constantly. Nowadays, hacking websites is a niche service that you can get online for a certain price. But we will not talk about how to hack someone’s website, we will see what we can do with the website malware and malicious code in your WordPress website.

Sometimes, when you get a theme on some marketplace from a random author, you feel like you’ve got yourself a new Camaro, but the reality is cruel and the appearance of the template... Read More

Every year, thousands of people get sick and die thanks to food poisoning. According to data from the Independent newspaper in London, more than 420,000 die every year, just because of contaminants in food. That’s more than half the number killed on the roads.

With lawsuits for food poisoning on the rise, scientists are looking for ways to reduce the risk posed by the current food production system. Rather than going down the usual public health route, they’ve chosen to try out a new line of attack - using whole genome sequencing technology to trace outbreaks to their source.

One... Read More

Any business that uses any kind of Internet Technology, software or hardware, should have a detailed and reliable means to track and manage those assets. Businesses waste valuable time and money by not maintaining a firm grasp of their increasingly complex IT software and hardware environment. The right it asset management tool can not only save money but can protect against threats and help businesses run most efficiently.

Every day a growing business adds a certain amount of complexity to their network. With every new piece of hardware comes the difficult task of maintaining that hardware.... Read More

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