Snapchat Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know About

Snapchat has fast become one of the most popular mobile apps in the social landscape. There are many features to be explored, which can be used to create snap masterpieces to share with your friends. Some of the best features are difficult to find, so this article has been written to help you unlock the true potential of Snapchat, and turn your snaps into works of art.

Whether you’re a power member or relatively new to the platform, you can learn a lot with these tricks, tips, and secrets.

Cool Features in Your Settings

Tap the gear icon in the top right corner of your feed, and select ‘Manage’ under ‘Additional Services.’ This is a great starting point because you can activate bonus features in the app settings. Here you’ll have an opportunity to enable filters, replay, and insert special text. This can be simply achieved by pressing ‘Enable All Settings.’


With the new Snapstreak feature, you’re rewarded with a fire emoji for sustaining long term, back and forth snapping with your friends. If you and a friend snap each other at least once per day for more than three days, you will receive a fire emoji which initially has the number 3 next to it. The number increases incrementally if you maintain the streak, and this is an interesting feature that encourages you to keep in contact with your friends. This got us wondering what the longest snapchat streak is. To observe some of the longest streaks achieved, you can find out more information online.

Special Text

Overlaying your snap with text and an emoji helps add a unique twist to proceedings. By typing the letter ‘T’ next to the pencil icon, the characters you type will be magnified, alongside enlarged emojis.

Secret Colors

Doodling is a popular Snapchat feature, but what most are unaware of is you aren’t limited to the color palette on the rainbow slider. There are many additional colors which you can access. You can draw in white by touching the rainbow color slider and dragging it to the top left corner of the screen. Black is an additional option, which can be accessed by touching the rainbow icon and dragging it to the bottom. For in-between colors, drag the rainbow slider to the left or bottom of the snap. You will consequently unlock various shades of colors you didn’t realize existed, creating an extensive palette to explore.

Fun Filters Snapchat recently added new filters, which can be accessed by swiping your finger left or right to view previews. Geolocation allows you to add art and labels based on your current location, and with the new time filter, you can showcase the time your snap was taken. You can even display the temperature it was when you captured your Snap, and the new speed filter enables you to highlight how fast you were moving when your Snap was captured!

Front Facing FlashIf you want to take a selfie in dark lighting, there is a new front-facing flash that creates suitable conditions for a fantastic selfie. This brightens your photo considerably, helping with the accentuation of features you would otherwise fail to distinguish in darkness. The flash can easily be turned on by tapping the lightning icon in the top left of the app.