Top 8 Domain Name Generators

With over 300 million domain names already registered, it is becoming harder to find a domain name that is available. Not to worry, half of your domain name problem has been solved by domain name generators. All that remains is figuring out which ones will give you the best experience, how to use them, their strengths and downsides. Here, we have taken time to review the top 8 domain name generators as well as their pros and cons.


Nameboy is one of the best and easiest domain name generators around. All you have to do is key in your preferred keywords and it will come up with some creative domain names. You can also click on each to get details about them. It is pretty easy as it also lets you get around a lot of ideas in the shortest possible time.

Generally, it works much better if you already have an idea of what you want your domain name to be and want to try out as many TLDs other than the usual .com domains. It also allows the use of hyphens and you can request domain name ideas to rhyme.


  • It allows you to provide two seed keywords (alongside a secondary keyword).
  • You can set it so that it allows or disallows hyphens.
  • It shows you the availability of TLD ideas.
  • It shows you domain names that are available for resale.


  • The check-out process is unsafe and has been labelled so by Google.

Shopify Business Name Generator

This site was developed by Shopify and has been of great help to many e-commerce businesses. That is mostly because it allows you to create aShopify online store right away. It works by allowing you to key in the keywords you would like to be included in your domain name and it will come up with ideas with the .com extension too. In fact, it is a close alternative to LeanDomainSearch.


  • The names are categorised according to the "most popular", "other extensions " and other helpful alternatives.
  • The ideas are pulled up in batches of tens. That way, you don't feel overwhelmed by the influx of domain name ideas.
  • It is easy to use and one can go over a lot of ideas in the shortest time possible.
  • Domain names created are quite creative.


  • It overwhelms you with the Shopify ads and brand.
  • The domain names available can be quite expensive especially for small businesses.
  • It only shows you domain names that are only available in the .com extension.


The fact that this domain name generator was created by the same team who created the WordPress platform shows you it is pretty good. All you have to do is provide a seed name and it will quickly pull up hundreds of ideas that are also available in the .com extension.

It is perfect for those who do not have any idea of what they want their domain name to look like. All you need to have is a keyword relevant to your niche and you are good to go. It also allows you to filter results by popularity, length and alphabetically. If you have any ideas, you can search them to see if they are available. It also has features for sharing results and also for saving your favourite domain ideas.


  • You can track your search history.
  • The tool allows you to register domain names immediately from there.
  • You can search for available twitter usernames too.
  • You can filter by popularity, length, and alphabetically.


  • There are no other TLDs to choose from. All suggestions are only available as .com domain names.

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel might not be your favourite domain name generator but it does have some great features. It has a feature that helps you generate domain names that sound like the keyword you entered thereby getting you unique names which are available. It is super easy to use and once you have settled on your preferred available name, you can go right ahead to register it.


  • The registration process is a simple one on Domain Wheel.
  • You can choose the extension you want to be included in the search.
  • You get to find words with similar sounds to the one you searched with.
  • It is designed to pick up and suggest related topics.


  • Checking for social media availability is extremely difficult.
  • It is not possible to search for country-specific domain names.
  • You would need to filter results using more options.


Namestall allows you to generate your domain names by inputting a seed name and indicating whether you would want them to appear either at the beginning or end of search results. Then you can choose the word group that will also make up your name. You can also choose to have hyphens in your suggestions; all these features result in multiple creative ideas.

It permits you to filter by domain extension and has the tools to provide bothbrandable and high paying domain names. Registration is simple and works by you just clicking on the "register" button. It is perfect for when you have no domain name ideas to go with but want a well-customised one.


  • The customisation options are more than any other generator’s.
  • You can check for different TLDs before registering them.
  • You get to determine where your keyword is positioned in the domain name.


  • It only allows 5 searches at most before you are required to either purchase a subscription or use the incognito mode of your browser.
  • There are lots of distracting ads.


This domain name generator is awesome because it allows for numerous inputs thereby ensuring you get a lot of creative ideas to choose from. It basically gives you all the control you need to determine every element of a domain name including its structure. Like Namestall, you get to decide which position your keywords appear in after providing theseed name. But more than that, the tools also allow you to determine how natural you want your domain name to sound.

If you have no idea of a domain name or keyword, there is the "make a random domain option" available which will give you a list of available options. You can then easily choose one of those and register.


  • You don't have to have any idea for it to be of use to you.
  • You can easily compare the prices of different registrars.
  • You get suggestions for related keywords to try out.
  • It allows for character limit settings.


  • When you have an idea, you can only place the seed words at the end and beginning.


The app is straightforward to use and consequently saves time. It is the perfect generator for those who have keywords in mind because it allows you to input 2 keywords. The beauty of Namemesh is in the categories it uses in suggesting names: how new it is, how similar it is, how common it is, how short it is, and how likely it is to boost your SEO.

To use it, all you have to do is enter your keywords and use such filters as unregistered domains, maximum length, and domain extensions to narrow down your search.


  • As mentioned above, it shows a lot of categories for domains.
  • The ideas are creative.
  • It is straightforward to use.
  • It is fast.


  • It doesn't allow you to group keywords such as BustAName.
  • It doesn't offer related terms.
  • The extension options are few.

Domains Bot

This site serves as both a domain name generator and a domain name searcher. Therefore, if you already have a name in mind, you could easily search to see if it is already taken. But to come up with suggestions, you only need to input a keyword and it will show results based on it alongside related keywords, combined keywords and similar keywords. You can then choose your preferred one and register it.


  • If customisation is your interest, this is the best domain name tool for you.


  • You can't easily find creative domain names and they rarely sound natural.


When buying domain names, especially if it is your first, take time to go through your options and choose the most suitable one plus an efficient website host Openhost for a seamless online experience.