Five Ways To Grow Your Business With An App

Mobile apps have always been imagined as something that is reserved for the larger businesses out there. So, when it comes to making a marketing strategy, small and medium enterprises have ignored the idea of creating a mobile app, afraid that it’ll get lost in the weeds among all the other big brand names out there. The thing is, everyone uses apps. Unless, of course, you’re still knocking around with the old phones that don’t have smart technology (are these even made anymore?).

Now that you know that your enterprise has the potential to create an app that could work for you and your customers, you know that engaging in this type of marketing strategy is going to bring more to your business. Traffic to your business website is something you need to maximise anyway, and if you could do this from your smartphone, wouldn’t it be easier? As long as you have created an app that has been through thorough QA testing before hitting the market, you’re going to be impressive to your customers. Your business could grow so much quicker from the palm of your hand than it can on a desktop computer, and if you don’t believe that, you need to consider looking at the competition and learn about what they’re up to. If they have an app and you don’t, they’re already ahead of you - and that just won’t do!

You can save yourself a lot of time and cash with your business at the fingertips of your users. Using your current business website to promote yourself and your app is a big deal, and it’ll mean that you have a marketing campaign that’s easy to manage. So, let’s discuss the ways that you could grow your business with an app!

Person Using Google Maps Application Through Black Android Smartphone

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You're Available

Smartphones are convenient, aren’t they? No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can connect to the internet and be available online. You can scroll social media and do your online shopping if you want to. If you have an app for your business, you are going to be under the nose of your customers 24/7 whether you are online or not. If people have a direct line to your services, you are a tap away and people want something NOW and not later. You can be that NOW. Whatsmore, you’re available to your employees as well as your customers. With the best web conferencing software available in mobile form, you can keep in contact with your teams while you are on the go. It’s more important than ever to remain available to customers and clients alike in this 24/7 world.

Recognising Your Brand

If you are under the nose of all of your customers all of the time, you’re going to raise awareness for your brand and you’re going to be instantly recognisable. People will scroll down their phones and past your logo and eventually anyone who has your app on their phone is going to start recognising you for the big name you are when you get there. Your features can be likeable and exciting, which is going to maintain your connection with your consumers. As long as your app is providing the information that your customers want, you’re never going to stop providing a solution to what they need.

Instant Updates

Apps have the power to notify the user of information and updates happening in the industry. As long as you are putting forward those updates, you’ve got a little bit of power to hand. The problem with being able to provide updates to your customers is knowing where to stop doing it. You don’t want to be too annoying your customers, you want to give them periodic updates on changes to your business that don’t end up with them deleting the app for convenience sake. Think about advertising offers as soon as they open the app. The more interesting the content, the more interest you’ll get and the more likely customers are to switch on those notifications.

Providing Value

Providing a solution is one thing - it’s why you’re in business, in fact - but you need to make sure that your business website and your mobile app are going to provide value to your customers. You receive all the sales, leads and data from the campaigns that you start and the way you promote your app and customers get something useful to contact you and provide them with the information that they want at the tap of a button.

Stand Out

As your business is a small one, you may realize that your niche doesn't have competition that has an app - which means you’re ahead of the game. You can stand out as a small business if you have an app, which is going to help your business to grow.