How Can I Get My WIFI Speed Higher

Well, WIFI is the abbreviation for Wireless Fidelity that uses wireless networking technology in which radio waves are used to provide internet connectivity via signals and not viruses. WIFI offers the fastest speed of the internet, and numerous devices can be connected through it that creates a local area network. It is owing to the reason that WIFI signals are bound to a specific area limit after which a device cannot detect the WIFI signals and name to get connected.

WIFI connection is based on a device that is connected to the router of the internet by using a wire or bus. The device then connected to an electric source as it cannot work in the absence of electric current. Now, current from the source reaches to WIF device via cable, it turns it into radio waves and then offers to different devices. These devices require entering a password based on 8 digits. Password is a code based on 8 digits, alphabets or a combination of both.

What is My WIFI Speed?

At this point you know what actually a WIFI is in technical terms; now you must be thinking about the term that’s often used in combination with WIFI, is WIFI speed. So, what is WIFI speed? WIFI speed is simply a speed in which internet signals are being transmitted. To measure the WIFI speed system international unit of Mbit/s-1 is used. Mbit simply stands for mega bites and s-1 shows per second.

WIFI speed is actually how many packets of data and at which rate they are transferred to devices. WIFI receives signals from the router hence basically WIFI speed is dependent on the packets of data which device is receiving from the router. Now if you ask what my WIFI speed is, it simply amounts of radio transmitted signals you are receiving on your device.

How can I test my WIFI Speed?

If you are a new WIFI user or has a new device at home, you may not know what WIFI speed you are getting is. You need to do WIFI analysis in order to test its speed. You can do this by:

1. Checking speed Online:

On the internet, there are numerous platforms available that are attached to devices that can detect your WIFI speed. You simply have to go to your browser and search for check internet speed online. Numerous results will appear, check different websites. These platforms will automatically detect your IP and tell the WIFI speed you are receiving.

2. Downloading NetSpot on Computer and Mobile

If you are worried about security and don’t want to share your IP with any website, then the best thing you can do in this regard is downloaded the Netspot app on your computer and mobile. It is the number one WIFI analysis app. It gives accurate bits of data you are receiving. It can even tell you regarding the best place in which you need to place your WIFI router to get the best WIFI speed.

What Influence my WIFI Speed?

To configure WIFI speed and the factors influencing it, you need to do WIFI analysis. First of all, you will have to check where you have placed the router because like radios signals, WIFI speed can also be improved by simply changing the placement area of your WIFI device. Different places of your home or office can influence the WIFI speed. Moreover, you would have seen an antenna on the WIFI router. Changing directions of this antenna can also alter the WIFI speed to be lower or increased. This antenna helps WIFI to capture the signals, transform them, and then transmit them faster to the devices.

How to Improve WIFI Speed:

Here are some ways in which you can improve speed of your WIFI:

1. Don’t place router in Basements:

Basements are the downward most parts of a home where humidity is more, and it doesn’t let the air to pass through it efficiently. WIFI signals require less humid and more open places to spread. Hence, a WIFI router must not be placed in basements to get high-speed internet.

2. Don’t place two WIFI routers nearer and together:

When there are other types of signals in the area, it can influence WIFI speed. For example, if you place two WIFI devices side by side, their signals will start to influence each other. So there is no need to place two WIFI routers together.

3. Don’t keep Heavy Metal Appliances near WIFI Router:

Metal is a good conductor and conductor is a thing from which electric signals can pass through. Hence, if you place heavy metal things near the WIFI router, the speed of your WIFI can be decreased. In such scenario, remove all the metal pieces from the area.

4. Don’t Place WIFI Router Inside Series Brick Walls:

Another chance in which WIFI speed can be influenced is due to brick walls. Numerous walls can influence WIFI speed. Hence, you must not keep the WIFI router in the inside of rooms rather than it should be placed in a more wide, airy, and open area.

5. Call internet service provider:

If all these things don’t help, there may be some issues with your WIFI router. Try to get it checked by your internet service provider. They will not only check the router, but they will also check the cable and main booster with which your WIFI device is attached. By replacing some of the hardware, WIFI speed can be improved.

With all these things, you will be able to improve your WIFI speed. Consider these tips for sure.

Final Words

Well, in the end, I would like to give you highlights regarding the points we have discussed in this article. First of all, we explained what is WIFI, what is WIFI speed, and the factors that can influence it. After that, we discussed various ways by using which WIFI speed can be improved. By looking at the reviews, we also recommended NetSpot, the best WIFI analysis app. This app helps you determine WIFI speed and locations of your home with the fastest WIFI signals.