Wednesday, April 01, 2020

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Today, visual content is in higher demand than ever before. Last year we’ve all noticed the vital importance of visual marketing throughout all the social media platform changes and alterations with emphasis on the visual content. Connected TV ad revolution will definitely live on and prosper, Instagram TV (IGTV) will cement its role in the social media landscape in 2019 and, probably, within just a few years we there will be no other marketing but visual. The reason that no one is complaining: it works. Visual marketing shows unprecedented statistics.

So, how can you use visuals... Read More

Does a career in marketing interest you? Some may believe that you need a college or university degree to become a marketer - however, in today’s online learning age, this is no longer necessary. Marketing is an essential component to the long-term success of a business as it allows companies to form a connection with their audience.

Jeff Yapp, Founder & CEO of Wutznxt, states that marketing is constantly evolving, and online courses are the best way to adapt to these changes on the fly. As an established corporate entrepreneur, he understands the importance of creating opportunity... Read More

Immigration, A word that sounds both exciting and exhausting. You have lived in a country for so long, it becomes a part of your life, your personality, and you stop thinking beyond it. When you think this way, it's actually very difficult picturing yourself acquainting with a different culture, different mindset and totally different people, even the food isn't the same. The scenario is so horrifying you just want to open your eyes from the nightmare and stay cozy in your native land.

Ironically that's not always the case, people do immigrate, where life is a matter of being comfortable,... Read More

API stands for application program interface, and it is a set of tools, protocols, and routines for building software applications. An API details how software components should interact, and they are used when programming the components of a GUI, i.e. a graphical user interface.

Many business owners will note that APIs are creating a cultural shift, helping CIOs to derive revenue from existing IT assets, build self-service and more collaborative IT environments, and drive digital transformation initiatives. This... Read More


It goes without saying that digital marketing is a broad industry with a plethora of diverse areas. Much like many other technology-driven industries, it’s a dynamic and ever-evolving field. This can present a challenge to many participants closely following the industry and building their businesses and careers within it. Below are some of the areas of digital marketing:

SEO & SEM SMM Email marketing Content marketing Lead generation Digital marketing analytics

With the advance of technologies, digital marketing models and practices... Read More

As a business owner in a modern, technological society, you may have come up against the decision of whether to choose a software development outsource provider. It is often hard to find software that meets the specific needs of your business, especially if you operate in a niche industry. You may have the resources to assign your own IT team to write or adjust the software to fit your requirements, but many companies don't have those resources. Even if you do have the budget, manpower, and the equipment to manipulate software, it may not be the most cost-effective option.

Software... Read More

Alpine Security is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, founded by Christian Espinosa in 2014. The main aim of the company is to provide adequate cybersecurity training, as well as to provide security assessment and solutions to all kinds of clients. The company is also an EC-Council Accredited Training Center (ATC) & CompTIA Authorized Delivery Partner.

Cyber Security Training:

Alpine Security provides day as well as night courses and trainings that focus on cybersecurity certifications, such as Certified CISO, CISSP, CAP, CEH, CASP, CySA+, CHFI, Security+, and Advanced... Read More

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