Wednesday, April 01, 2020

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Humans have five senses- Hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight or can be scientifically called as – Audioception, Tactioception, Olfacoception, Gustaoception and Opthalmoception respectively. All these are very powerful things given to humans, and lack of anyone of them makes the person incomplete. The most important of them is the sense of Sight which allows your eyes to focus and detect images in the presence of light. All this is entirely scientific, and you all are aware of. There is another kind of "Sight" which you all call –“Imagination” which is the power of your brain to create,... Read More

According to industry experts, the most important strategies in search engine optimization (SEO) are link building and content development. Search engines use this information to determine a website’s relevance when bringing up search results for a specific topic.

A well-developed plan helps companies target specific audiences using keywords that match the content of their page. And while content is important, links also help determine a site’s “authority” to search engines. Links to your page from highly ranked companies will increase the trustworthiness of your webpage and consequently... Read More

YouTube is indeed one of the best tools for businesses. But aside from that are you aware that you can also build a business on this platform. Well, it is true. Read on and find out the different businesses that you can start in order to earn money on YouTube.

Businesses That You Can Start On YouTube

1. Product Tester

In the actual fact, YouTube is one of the best places where you can show off certain products. With this in mind, you can easily start a business by testing various products and obtaining inputs from people for different business clients.

2.... Read More

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A lot of has been said and a lot has been seen in the past few years. We all will agree that today not one person lives a life without the interference of a bot or without the influence of Artificial intelligence in their life. In fact the hit television series ‘Black Mirror’ has shown to what extent AI can take over and rule human life. Our elders always used to say that too much of anything is always harmful.

With more and more people now relying and depending on technology and AI, is it somewhere possible that AI will take over the human... Read More

Well, WIFI is the abbreviation for Wireless Fidelity that uses wireless networking technology in which radio waves are used to provide internet connectivity via signals and not viruses. WIFI offers the fastest speed of the internet, and numerous devices can be connected through it that creates a local area network. It is owing to the reason that WIFI signals are bound to a specific area limit after which a device cannot detect the WIFI signals and name to get connected.

WIFI connection is based on a device that is connected to the router of the internet by using a wire or bus. The... Read More

Guys, its officially common knowledge that we’re living in the most impressive tech era yet. CES has transformed from a research community into a trendy, cool conference for young techies and influencers alike; just ask Esquire. After all, it is 2019. I mean come on, Marty Mcfly claimed we’d have flying cars by now. We’re not quite there yet but we do have some amazing high tech experiences that you should try out with friends, family, or coworkers. Each experience listed enables players to use virtual reality in a fun, social setting. Beyond that, each activity can be used as a team building... Read More

Today, the marketing is now changing from traditional to digital marketing like mail-outs, billboards and TV ads. It is a shift showing some emphasis on some crucial things like PPC, SEO and email communications.

However, there is tremendous growth in digital marketing and therefore tools for your digital agencyto become famous. It is also useful in engaging the clients and even the leads. It's therefore advisable to use digital marketing for the growth of your business. Here are some of the reasons why you will need digital marketing in your business:


In the... Read More

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