Friday, February 28, 2020

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If you are planning to establish web presence for your business enterprise than you have to develop website or mobile application. But the thing that will likely strike every business person’s mind is whether they need to develop mobile website or a mobile app for the use to download and install or both. At first glance Mobile websites and mobile apps look similar but it depends on the number of features. Mobile apps and mobile sites can be accessed on a handheld device like smart phones (iOS, Android, BlackBerry etc.)

A mobile website is similar to the other websites which contains... Read More

I never regret investing in a good smart phone, it is something vital to me that I use every day, to make calls, to read and send emails, snap pictures and of course to check up and post on my social media. There is so much more that you smart phone is capable of, just through a download of the play store or app store, you can find thousands of apps that perform a whole myriad of different and vital tasks in your day to day activities.

Apps have become a very interesting and useful way to “upgrade” your smart phone and the possibilities are endless. Apps from checking the cheapest flights,... Read More

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. In the world of online security, however, it would seem the saying would be more accurate if it were forewarned should mean forearmed. Not only have the warnings about distributed denial of service attacks been seemingly endless, but so have the horror stories and headlines about the immense devastation of these attacks.

Yet as we head into a new year that will surely be packed with DDoS attacks that are unwieldy in both size and number, new research shows that a staggering percentage of companies lack DDoS protection, and an even bigger percentage... Read More

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Most of us are eager to get our hands on a plethora of gadgets from smartphones to computers to laptops to tablets. The lines between these products are consistently getting blurred, with each of them capable of the same processes. You can use your phone as a computer and you can use your computer as a phone.

The issue of this is that different information is now stored on different devices. For example you may have an app on your tablet that you want to use on your phone, or some notes on your laptop that you want to use on your computer. If all your devices are... Read More

As soon as the world is attaining digitization using different operating systems, a high competition has taken place in IT markets all over the world. The arrival of different technologies brings multiple user-friendly facilities. People started using the internet to stay on the online platform so that they can utilize multiple facilities with huge benefits provided like getting done with all your work instantly. Due to the user-friendly environment, Cell phones became a basic need to get rid of any problem. The variety of mobile platforms like Microsoft, IoS, and android are the treasure of... Read More

Minterapp can make anyone's day go just a little bit better! Who does not like to be organized and on top of things? Minterapp can allow you to do just that with its user friendly setup and useful features.

What Is Minterapp?

Minterapp is simply a gift from above to all freelancers out there. Gone will be the days of trying to remember if you spent half the day on your latest project the day before last...or was it the day before that?

You can make managing your business an easy task by keeping track of all of your projects with Minterapp. Minterapp enables you to simply... Read More

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