Why Choose SharePoint 2019 Over SharePoint 2016

Most businesses find it challenging to organize, share and track their documentation. Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier for them to streamline their business operations was a progressive and digital collaboration platform. Earlier this year, Microsoft launched SharePoint 2019 that succeeds SharePoint 2016.

It aims to improve the SharePoint experience for both on-premise and hybrid users. Further, it incorporates Microsoft's 'Cloud-First, Mobile-First' vision. SharePoint 2019 will offer the same modern experience extended by SharePoint Online. It includes the introduction of responsive user experience from any device, including mobile devices.

With this post, allow us to cover the essential elements of how SharePoint 2019 offers improvements over its predecessor.

  1. Team Sites: It is among the most crucial collaboration-enabling tools with SharePoint. They get updated with responsive user experience in SharePoint 2019. It will enable the users to not only collaborate without any hassle but will allow the sharing of information within the teams as well as across the entire organization.
  2. Communication Sites: Unlike Team Sites, Communication Sites will focus on user engagement. It will offer seamless experience by sharing relevant information in a captivating manner across the entire department or the organization. We must note that with Communication Sites, most of the users are consumers instead of being users. Furthermore, the number of individuals with the ability to produce information for the benefit of a particular department or even the entire organization gets restricted.
  3. Lists: Lists will now offer the same experience with the on-premise version as with SharePoint Online. It will enable users with a richer experience, across available multiple devices as well as browsers, while interacting with the available information.
  4. Libraries: The updated Libraries feature will enable users to synchronize their files with their computers via the latest version of OneDrive for Business. As a result, users gain the ability to work offline and sync their data to SharePoint when they have access to the internet.
  5. Pages: In SharePoint 2019, pages are rendered on the client-side. Thus it leverages client-side web components to deliver a responsive user experience across multiple browsers and devices. Besides that, the task of publishing pages is made considerably more relaxed, and users can now even build new pages with rich content.
  6. Better hybrid support: SharePoint 2019 is out with a plethora of features that make the task of setting up hybrid environments easy. It includes a new SharePoint Hybrid status bar, default OneDrive in Office 365, and an enhanced search experience among others.
  7. Enhanced PowerApps and Flow support: SharePoint 2019 gets deeper integrations with both PowerApps and Flow to on-premises data which enables the secure development of apps and Flows that gets integrated with business systems.

Microsoft has made it very clear that it will continue to deliver updates and upgrades to help users move to the cloud and switch to Office 365. What this means for businesses is that they stand to benefit with SharePoint apps development, provided they find a reliable service provider.