What Can We Expect from the Future of Computer Science?

According to the United States Department of Labor, by 2020 the computer science field will have grown by thirty percent. This means that the field is growing faster than the average for other jobs in other fields. It is also a statistic that is carried across a variety of jobs in computer science. If you are interested in being part of one of the most quickly growing fields in the country, this might be a time to consider working to earn an online master in computer science. With a large increase in the jobs available for computer scientists, here are three things that we can expect from the future of the field.

New Technologies

In 2019, technology was changing, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. Because of the internet, technology is now able to connect with a wider variety of objects, including voice activation and being able to turn on lights from different rooms, using your phone. Experts say that our technology is changing from an object that we hold and becoming part of our clothing or even part of our bodies. Prosthetics that are engineered, glasses that have computers in them, these are all ideas that have been tossed around for years. Now, they might become a reality, since as computers become smaller, they are also becoming more powerful.

Databases and Data Mining

Many schools that offer online masters in computer science also offer specializations. At the New Jersey Institute of Technology, there are three specializations. These include networking, generalist, and databases and data mining. This program is designed to help professionals already in the field grow and learn even more. With over 2 exabytes of data created daily, training in databases and data mining means that you will have the skills to examine that information for your company. This is an important job because it helps companies form educated guesses about new trends, and serve their customers in the most efficient way. This is a part of computer science that is rapidly growing, especially as more people are using cloud-based programs to store their data.

Continued Growth

There are other parts of the computer science field that are rapidly increasing as well. Networking, or sharing a variety of information among different peoples and devices, is a growing field. As the types of devices change and become more sophisticated, the platforms can become more complicated. Therefore, a team of professionals needs to both design and maintain these new networks. As we learn more about technology and newer gadgets, there will be ways that the existing technologies can be improved, giving software engineers a critical role to play in the future. Finally, as more companies are putting a wider variety of their business practices online, they will need to utilize programmers to help get started.

What can we expect from the future of computer science? Although there are many ideas, it can be hard to tell since the field is changing and growing so rapidly. Whatever the future holds, however, most specialists agree that computer science is here to stay as a critical part of our world and society.