Microsoft paint is finally dead, why?

It is really hard for the people to lose or to know that something that they embraced for long time from the early days is going to be no more. It brings mixed of feelings to the people to know that MS paint is not going to be available hereafter. Microsoft has decided to make MS paint no more. Before seeing about this in detail, we should know how people were using it. Actually for many novice computer users from the early days MS paint is one of the best tools for professional web development services. Many have started to learn painting and drawing in a funny way using it and it was indeed a great pass time for many computer users. Despite gaming and other entertainment it was the one of the most preferred enjoyable pass time for many people.

MS paint

Kids and teens that start to use computer for practice would use MS paint and they really love it. Actually it was not something extraordinary but it was really a great tool with simple features. It does not matter about the simplistic features, the way it was designed that too in the 1980’s, and it was really a best tool. Starting from drawing, typing different types of texts and fonts, painting and other related tasks, it was really fun to use it. Kids, teens and youngsters that were using notebooks for pencil drawing and sketch and coloring were happy about MS paint as they started to use it for different playful and interesting drawing in MS paint. It is easy to use and any person can easily learn the too. This is the one of the best reason for the success of MS paint.

A tool to remember

Many different tools for painting and drawing have come but still, this one is appreciative in such a times. A lot of people remember the days that they were learning, practicing and making fun and also interested drawing and painting in MS paint as Microsoft announced that MS paint is going to be no more in the next update of Windows 10. The existing users that use any version of Windows will have this basic tool but it will not be going to be in the coming version of Windows. Actually the tech giant brings the paint 3D tool in the new release of updated Windows 10. It is good to use the new tool but still the age old tool will be missed for sure.

Taking away

As soon as Microsoft has announced the news, a lot of websites have been flooded with this news. Some of the people say that they miss the tool badly as they used that tool as a child. Since many people have learnt art and drawing with gladness about learning skills in computer they now feel bad that they miss this wonderful tool. It is like taking away some materials, furniture items or any other things away from home. You will have some connection with such things from childhood so taking away from you or from your home will be painful. This is the same scenario here as MS paint is not going to be available.

Simple but great

For the people that say that MS paint is simple and there is nothing in it, they have to understand that it is not a software with advanced features for art, sketch and drawing or painting. It is of course a simple but easy to use drawing tool using which people will be able to learn how to draw or how to sketch or paint. You may be boasting about latest software for art and drawing but still how about if you don’t know basic drawing. MS paint was the best one and only one tool which made drawing, sketching and painting easier for many people. Most of the times basic are most important. MS paint is an important basic tool for many people as they used it as best as they could.

Now you can have brushes, layers, multiple tools and various other features in the latest software for drawing and painting. Web design services uses Photoshop, CorelDraw and other software tools to design, draw and paint but MS paint is best in reality as it was useful for many people to learn a skill that is useful for them in many ways in different times. Actually Pain 3D was released this year some time earlier but it is available along with MS paint but hereafter as Microsoft removes MS paint completely, users will have Paint 3D alone.

Unforgettable tool

MS paint may not be needed any more but it is not a tool to be missed especially for the kids after 1985 as MS paint was released in the year 1985. Of course there is no doubt that a lot of different and best software tools have come for drawing and art but MS paint is an unforgettable tool.