Newer innovations in recruitment strategy in 2019

Technology has been going through a lot of changes over the years. It has been helping out both businesses and consumer applications. The cloud technology, virtual reality, machine learning, and data analysis are a few areas that can be helpful for the businesses in revamping their strategies. One such area that has been influenced by technology is Recruitment.

Newer innovations in recruitment strategy in 2019

There are several areas that technology has been helping out recruitment professionals in arriving at the best possible solutions. These innovations not only help in enhancing the levels of performance in terms of recruitment volume but also ease the problems that you may come across.

Here are a few innovations that can be of practical interest.

Social media Connect

Social media is one of the important technical innovations of this century and has been instrumental in making the world a global village. It can efficiently be converted into the best job board and E-Recruitment platform.

Social media can be utilized in several ways in the context of recruitment. It can be one of the best options for accessing the talent database or can also be opted for advertising or building brand value. The technique involves sourcing the candidate databases, engaging them into contact and reaching out to them.

AI enabled Chat bots

Chat bots are more advanced than the machine learning. These are managed through artificial intelligence and thus can reduce the stress related to the tedious and time-consuming recruitment procedure. The chat bots can be an excellent option for an enhanced candidate experience.

In fact, the chat bots can understand the concerns of candidates and thus can address the issues in an automated manner. A chatbot can learn and mimic the human activities like problem-solving, and planning. You can program the chatbot to answer the questions that the candidates may have with the best possible human touch.

Gamified employment

The current generation belongs to the millennials. This is where the gamification of the recruitment comes to the fore. Millennials have grown in an ambiance where technology is reigning. They look for the advancement and excitement in everything that comes their way – and this includes recruitment as well.

The gamification of the recruitment can involve several ideas like scoring points, competing with others, and similar other activities. These strategies can induce the candidates with the right talent to engage with your firm in a positive manner.


This has been turning into an age of freelance economy. If your industry has been in a way moving towards becoming a gig economy, one of the best ways would be to join the rest of them. In fact, this can be a great option as the employers can cut down on a host of overheads like office space and rentals.

Of course, this scenario may appear quite far fetched, but still – the surveys have been indicating such a possibility in the near future. In such a case, you will have a wider pool of technologically skilled talent waiting to be absorbed.

Asynchronous interviews

This is yet another innovative strategy that is taking shape over the years. In fact, with most of the functions being digitized –the old styled person to person interviews are also turning obsolete. The focus has been on digitalization, and the asynchronous interviews are one of the most innovative options.

Most of these interviews are handled online and in many cases – the first set of interviews are automated with the pre set questions. The candidates are expected to undertake answering the text based questions. This can be quite relaxing for the candidates. It can also save the time unnecessarily spent on the recruitment process and the interviews.

Candidate rediscovery

In tune with your hiring and recruitment process, you have a huge database of the candidates interviewed over a period of time. Most of these resumes are never checked once the hiring process is completed.

This is where the candidate rediscovery can come to fore and assist you mining your past candidates when a new requirement comes in. Of course, doing this manually is a huge concern. It may be a good idea if you can opt for a technological solution that can help you screen the resumes automatically for a better screening of the candidates. Recruitment solutions like Greenhouse recruiting software can come quite handy in such situations for an effective functionality of finding the right candidate for the right opening.

Before we conclude, it may be interesting to note that the new technologies like machine learning and AI have been transforming our lives for better. Recruitment isn't different either. We would definitely look ahead to a day soon where recruitment and hiring will no longer be the tedious, taxing and time consuming exercise anymore. Instead, it will transform itself into some unique and innovative concept.