Why More People go Mobile

When you think about how much we have come to rely on our smartphones it’s because these mini portable computers allow us to carry out a multitude of tasks that would have eaten time out of our daily lives.

In fact, if you happen to lose or forget to take your smartphone with you for whatever reason it very soon becomes apparent how inconvenient being smartphone-less is!

Lets’ face it our phones gives you directions, it lets you pull up a coupon whilst you are standing in a checkout line, we take and store pictures to load onto our social media sites. And, yes it lets us source our entertainment like YouTube or online casino in New Zealand where you can enjoy either a few minutes playing on your favourite slots games or joining in with one of the live casino games if you have enough time.

There are over 2.3 billion smartphone users about the world so you would expect many industries to optimise their sites for the mobile user and if we take online gambling as an example we can see just how far the software has advanced in the last decade or so

Looking back, it was probably in 2011 that the mobile revolution really took off although there were online casinos launched in 1996. The gambling industry has always been in the forefront when pioneering the advancement of new technology and innovative ideas, consequently they were well ahead when success of the mobile really began to fly.

For the gambling industry as well as other industries the mobile market offers massive potential. It was Apple that first allowed gaming apps for its iPhones and Pads in the Apple Store and iTunes with Google Play coming in late with its approval process for gambling apps starting in August 2017, and only in the UK, Ireland and France.

As software advanced so did the quality of games and services. Recent reports show us that 43% of users have shopped with their mobile phones whilst 35% choose to bank using their smartphones. Non-casino gaming came in at 28% with dating sites enjoying 17%.

Online gambling and betting have 10% of smartphone users visiting their sites whilst 5% use their tablets to have a wager on their favourite sport or game.

Now 10% might not sound a great big percentage but remember that was taken from 2.32 billion making that 10%, 2,320,000.

With those percentages it's really not surprising that people comment so much how we are living in a mobile world...as we are!