5 Reasons to Use Laser Machines in Your Business

While lasers were once part of the world of sci-fi and the distant future, improvements in technology have made laser machines significantly more accessible for a wide variety of businesses. In fact, they’re already being applied to many of the devices we use in everyday life, including everything from jewelry and cars to computers and smartphones.

Many businesses can benefit from implementing laser machines into their processes in different ways. Laser marking is an efficient and cost-effective way to engrave many products. Here are some of the most common reasons that more and more companies are beginning to embrace lasers.

Laser Engraving is More Eco-friendly than its Competition

Environmental considerations are becoming more important for businesses across nearly every industry, and consumers are increasingly aware of their ability to support ecological conservation through their purchasing decisions. Reducing your company’s negative impact on the environment and finding ways to help are no longer simply social issues-neglecting them can significantly affect your bottom line.

Adopting laser technology, such as the machines from Needham Coding (https://www.needham-coding.com/), is a great way to demonstrate to your audience that you’re committed to the environment while also improving functionality and performance. It’s easy to improve your effect on the environment without sacrificing your bottom line.

Unlike traditional inks, lasers involve no harmful chemicals, leading to much less waste from the engraving process. This also makes the process safer for the workers and subjects involved, in addition to reducing the downtime and maintenance costs associated with similar products.

Laser Machines Can Help Keep You in Compliance with Federal Law

Federal regulations applicable to a variety of industries are intended to maximize traceability and accountability for many types of industrial parts. In the event something goes wrong, being able to quickly and easily identify the part at fault aids in avoiding future errors and promptly issuing recalls when necessary.

Some of the most common industries that face these regulations include medicine, automotive, and aerospace. Using laser engraving machines to identify these parts will ensure that your business stays in compliance with all relevant regulations and avoid costly fines or lawsuits that could result from failing to do so.

A Variety of Materials Can Be Marked with Lasers

In contrast to more traditional forms of engraving, laser technology can precisely mark a diverse range of industrial materials, including everything from metal and wood to plastic and medicine. This significantly increases its possible applications, allowing various industries to apply laser machines.

Since laser technology is much cheaper (and the machines themselves more portable) than before, it’s now accessible to small and even home businesses. Many e-commerce businesses on platforms like Etsy can utilize laser technology within their home, outside of a traditional industrial setting.

Laser Technology Helps Reduce Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit items are a significant problem for many industries, as people can manufacture goods that appear similar to the real thing. Just as lasers are used to mark industrial parts for traceability, engraving them with a unique, precise marking makes it significantly more difficult to imitate the design.

Laser marking is also substantially more flexible than other technology for this purpose. Since it’s a non-contact process, for example, it’s possible to print directly on consumable products like medication. You can even make near-invisible marks that only appear under a certain type of light.

Laser Engraving Machines Are Extremely Precise

In addition to its many external advantages over other forms of marking, laser engraving is simply more precise and durable than its competitors. It’s capable of working with very small parts, and its marks won’t degrade over time.

Engravings can be read by the human eye or by machines, making lasers extremely easy to integrate into your existing processes. Instead of a physical etch or mark on the product, which can damage it or affect other areas of the part, a laser mark is safe to use even directly on patients (in a dental setting, for example).

Laser machines are also extremely easy to use, cutting down on time it takes to train your employees. You can set them up to engrave hundreds of items at a time, automating a significant portion of the process. Overall, laser engraving technology is extremely time-efficient.

While laser technology was once inaccessible to all but the largest businesses and factories, many factors have combined to bring it to a much greater variety of companies and small businesses. It provides a range of benefits over other forms of industrial marking and is extremely cost-effective.

Regardless of your industry, adopting laser technology is a forward-thinking way to help your business reduce its ecological costs while improving efficiency. Your customers will appreciate your environmental commitment, while your business will see improvement in the bottom line after implementing laser machines.