Top Key Points You Need To Know While Choosing The Right App

The advancement in the modern world is crossing over all existing limits due to the incredible prowess of the latest technologies. This tide of advancement is engulfing every corner of the civilization. So, it is an absolute fact that the recruitment sector will also have its own share of technological incorporation in it to ensure smoother recruitment process with thorough checking. The main technological installation in recruitment sector is of software kind. In case of business companies what they look for is anything that is effective in presenting solutions to the problems all while being intuitive to make the whole framework progress producing net positive end results. In case of recruitment the answer is without any doubt, the application tracking system or ATS. Learn more about what is ats.

The application tracking system is an advanced software that creates opportunity for the firms to have their own recruitment process management system that will effectively channelize good employees in different layers of the firm and will make the process less burdening to the administration of the firm. The application tracking system or ATS is one of the revolutionary software that has changed the whole mould of the recruitment sector. It facilitates a smoother recruitment processing all due to its structural efficiency of sorting the whole bunch of application, reporting, candidates and other essentials into a single database with easy access, thus making the staffing and recruiting procedure a piece of cake for any organisation.

This is the overview of the usefulness of an ATS or application tracking system. The next phase for the firms wanting to install an application tracking system is figure out the best plausible choice of application tracking system or ATS suitable to them according to their infrastructural and financial standings. The best option is of course lies with the firm only, because it is the firm itself that has the true analysis and statistics of its requirements.

The firm will have to make the decision of choosing the right application tracking system or ATS according to its recruitment requirement, its shortcomings and its needs & vision for the future. This is true but still there are some factors that must be weighed properly before choosing an application tracking system or ATS. It is very important to do so or the software may even have a negative impact on the firm if not fitted aptly with the recruitment schemes of the company. There are some directives discussed in the following points that can be a general guide for every company opting to go for an ATS or application tracking system to ease out their recruitment processes.

  1. To make sure that the ATS is actually simplifying the recruitment procedure - The analysis of statistics obtained from the different business surveys brings forth the fact that valuable time and fund have been saved from the recruitment process for the companies investing in application tracking system or ATS. So, the first priority for any firm must be to notice that whether the ATS chosen actually simplifies the recruitment procedure or makes it complicated. If the latter is true then there is no meaning of going for an ATS. To identify this scenario some factors are to be considered like the application tracking system's capability of channelizing the whole database to the recruiters according to their needs, ability to present a shortlist according to prior input, automation of the whole data collection processes so that the applicants & recruiters can have a hassle free & transparent employment procedure, the ability of the ATS to have an enhanced communication framework that can astutely links all those having to do something with the recruitment & staffing process without making a chaos and so on.
  2. Integration capability of the application tracking system - It is very essential to check the compatibility of the ATS with other platforms on the web. A recruitment process is a very online process nowadays and it is conducted over various platforms like mailings, social media and associates websites other than the virtual office of the recruiting firm. If the ATS is not performing well with other platforms then it is better to let it go.
  3. Mobility of the ATS - This age is the age of smart phones. Everything that is happening in the web is accessed through a smart phone. It is very essential that the application tracking system opted for has a good mobile integration design so that the recruiters can manage and oversee the recruitment process on the go at anytime like checking the candidates shortlist or tracking the emails.
  4. Choose ATS according to the status - There are various application tracking systems and each of these are unique in a way or tow. ATS are generally divided into three main types based on the volume of the companies like small business, recruitment firms and corporate. If a small firm chooses a corporate class ATS the process will become complicated and costly and in case of vice versa, the recruitment process will produce a under quality selection list. So, it is very important to ascertain the status of the firm and then choose an ATS accordingly.
  5. Capacity of the ATS - The application tracking system chosen must have a very quick response accuracy rate so that it can grab in any application rapidly and produce the same, equally fast, from a huge database in hours of need. For this the ATS must have a good logical and intuitive layout.
  1. Cloud ATS - With the increasing data volume it is not possible to always have a system of one's own to preserve them. So, an application tracking system with cloud computing features is the best option, that way there will be no fear of data overflow or loss and the recruitment process can be broader and better.
  2. Customer Support of ATS - The application tracking system must have a good rapport with the end customers. The quality of the customer service provided by the ATS provider to the recruiter firm is a crucial determining factor for choosing that particular ATS.
  3. Reporting aptitude of the ATS - The application tracking system must have a good sense of reporting, because it is very important for tracking the suitable candidates form the vast sea of aspirants. This helps the recruiters to tally their prior criterion with the final selection before making any decision.
  4. ATS with recommendation ability - One of the ways of recruitment is reference. So, the application tracking system opted for must have the intelligence to take in referrals and process them through tactfully in the final list.
  5. Candidate interactive ATS - The most important part of recruitment is of course the candidates. It must be ensured that the candidates are having a good and lucid recruitment process through the application tracking system interface, if not, then many of the eligible candidates will refrain from taking part in the recruitment drive thus decreasing the chances of selection of a better employee.
  6. ATS viability - It is very important that the recruiting firm and the ATS providers are on the same page or else the whole recruitment process will mess up.
  7. ATS review - The application tracking system must have good reviews from other user or at least have some insightful feedbacks to give the firm something to chew on before choosing.

There are many more pointers regarding how to choose the right application tracking platform but it is safe to say that these aforementioned directives will give one the head start in the right direction to select their very own recruitment tool.