Turning Your Instagram From A Narcissist's Dream Into A Personal Tool


The idea of social media is starting to wear thin for most people. Most realize that it takes time away from them and offers little in return. Many are leaving sites like Facebook thanks to repeated data scandals. Many people are seemingly becoming tired. However, social media is a tool, and the current absolute giant of this, Instagram, is not different.

Now, we all know that Instagram is a narcissists playground. This is good for numbers but bad for our soul. However, there is a way to turn it into a personal tool, something that enriches your life, not takes away from it. We’d recommend you do the following to resolve this:

Follow People You Look Up To

Who cares about the Kardashians, really? Who cares about some e-celebrity moaning about something or other? This takes time away from you, who you are, and what your dreams are. Instead, focus on people that inspire you, that give you something, that feed you with content that makes you feel good. This doesn’t need to be grim motivational teachers telling you that pain is all that matters. It could be a comedian simply telling you to have a good time and relax. It could be an actor who seems to be doing great work for the world environment. It could simply be a family member you look up to. Doing this will increase the quality of what kind of content you are exposed to, and that’s sure to have an effect.

Make A Diary!

Instagram is a wonderful tool for documenting. You might use it to chart your gym progress over a period of time. You never know, sponsorships might come your way if the right brand sees your excellent progress. It might be that you find it a great place to post pictures with your poetry in a pretty font. This creative expression is much more healthy and fun than simply posting your Five Guys order. This isn’t to judge you in the slightest, we all find beauty in different things. However, it might be more healthy and something to be proud of if you use Instagram as a tool to show people what you love, what makes you tick, and how you’re developing.You might even curate these posts, knowing how to edit and how to post on Instagram from Mac computers can certainly help you get started.


Don’t be afraid to share your posts. Hashtag them definitively. Embed your posts on your blog. Really try to sell it, but always be focused on the goal, not the exposure. This might sound contradictory, but the reason we suggest the first activity is that this can often connect you with like-minded people sharing posts like yours. You might find a new workout buddy, an online friend, or even just some support and encouragement to help fuel your next day of inspiration.

With these suggestions, you are sure to turn Instagram from a narcissists dream into a personal tool.