How Businesses Benefit from Epson’s P Series Large Format Printers

Photographers who demand high quality end output with exceptional colour accuracy and immaculate image quality, should explore Epson’s P range of large format printers.

Created with images in mind, this range is designed to offer flexible and reliable printing for industries involvingproofing, photography, marketing, web design & development or fine arts.

If you want to know more about why Epson is the brand of choice when it comes to precise reproduction of images, read on:

Unique ink

The Epson SureColor SC-P5000 is the first and only 17-inch wide format printer to use violet ink for proofing applications. The printer can be supplied in two set-ups – with violet ink for proofing and a Light Light Black ink set for things like fine art or photography.

Epson’s UltraChrome inks include new pigments to improve colour performance and superior gloss uniformity.

They have reformulated their 10-colour inks to include this violet ink which allows professional photography businesses to match up to 99% of Pantone colours.

The new inks also have improved black density—1.5 times denser than previous formulas, allowing for better gradation and deeper blacks. The more shades of colours that are printed, the more natural the finished images appear.


Whatever your needs, Epson have inkjet printers available to assist, in 17, 24,4 36, 44 and 64 inches, making printing images of any media type, possible.

Combining quick speeds and superior quality in dpi resolution, these accurate printers can help you produce a wide range of media from small items like flyers through to full size banners.

Alongside the size of the printer, this Epson model boats the largest cartridge on the market at 200ml, providing printing which is both economic, and extremely efficient.


Epson understand that businesses operate in high-pressure environments and so consistency and reliability are key to success.

Some models in the P series, including the SC-P5000, feature an internal colour calibration sensor and optional SpectroProoferto ensure colour consistency for long durations.

The P range also features new covers and seals which help its printers run efficiently due to reduced dust collection and a cleaning timer. An automatic nozzle check and a guided cleaning procedure help guarantee reliability and smooth-running of the devices.


The colour accuracy is pin sharp thanks to Epson’s advanced printhead technology, which makes producing large, vivid images an effortless task.

The high yield inks used with these printers maximise productivity while minimising downtime. The colours unveiledare vivid and life-like while rich black and grey hues create amazing contrasts and definition.

Ease of use

Each Epson printer in the P-range is designed to make set-up and media handling quick and simple. The model displays are so simple to use, that no specific training is needed to operate these printers.

In this range, a transparent printer cover window allows users to check the print status and remaining media. After printing has finished, the position of the printhead means it can be cleaned by the user, along with the ink cap, to help save on maintenance costs.

In addition, these models connect to both Windows and Mac operating systems so perfect for any business.Some of the best Epson printers instinctively connectto a wide range of graphic design, CAD and GIS programs, making their P-range printers are accessible to every user.

If you still need guidance as to which is the best Epson printer for your large format needs, Epson have devised a printer finder tool which may help you in your quest.