5 Reasons Why Images Are Important in Banner Design

You know the saying; a picture speaks a thousand words. It’s a popular saying because it is so true. We are known to react powerfully and immediately to an image, which is why images are so important in advertising. Whether you are designing a leaflet, a brochure, a banner, or a website, images are vital.

And of course, they need to be the right images. They need to be able to create the right impression in the viewer. But all images will have an impact. Here’s how images help your banner get noticed for all the right reasons.

1. We All Now Communicate in Images

The ease with which we can all now take photos on our phones and instantly publish them means our communication with our friends and colleagues is usually predominantly through images. And since advertising is usually made up of an image with text, people are predisposed to ignore text unless it comes with an image. Using images on a banner or a pop up stand means you are more connected to how people communicate in real life, right now.

2. Images Convey Key Messages

In many cases, images are hugely more memorable and noticeable than text. Therefore an image can ably convey a key message which could take a lot of text to achieve. Images help to tell a story. The correct images are an essential part of your overall message.

3. Images Sell

People love to see what they are buying as it allows them to imagine themselves owning these objects or eating the food. It means that people are increasingly drawn to images since they can more easily see how they can fit into their lives. They can therefore make judgements about which items to buy and compare products when they see them.

4. Effective Images Enhance Your Brand Identity

The right images help considerably when you are enhancing brand image through your marketing materials, according to banner printers. Anyone looking at your banner is linking it with your company and building a bigger picture of how they perceive your brand. High quality images are essential for promoting a professional image, regardless of the type of images you use. But obviously when you use relevant images this immediately increases the effectiveness of the banner.

5. Images are Versatile

The images you use directly appeal to your targeted audience. You will immediately recognise this when it comes to designing a banner for children rather than a firm of lawyers, for example. Images are extremely versatile. You will always be able to find an image to suit every kind of occasion.

Image: Image courtesy of njaj/FreeDigitalPhotos.net