How to Get More from Social Media Marketing


You can’t have a marketing campaign without it, can you? Social media swiftly took over the marketing world. And yes, if you’re not active on these platforms you’re hurting your business.

But with a new feature it’s easy to make mistakes.

Here’s how you can get more from social media marketing without too many failures along the way.

What do You Want to get out?

Before you implement new strategies you must form goals. Having a goal is relevant to any part of business but it’s often forgotten in social media marketing.

You don’t want to simply be PRESENT on social media. You want RESULTS.

Your business can benefit in many ways. Figure out which one is the most beneficial and vital at the moment:

  • Do you want to reach your current clients?
  • Do you want to launch a new range?
  • Do you want to connect with a new audience?
  • Do you want to improve your public image?

Do you see how many possibilities there are?

This is the beauty of social media marketing. You can easily impact different aspects of your company.

But then your actions must align with this goal.

Ready to get started?

1. Research is an Investment

You can’t do social media marketing without some background information.

The time, effort and money you invest in research will ensure high ROI.

Imagine a normal marketing campaign. You know each ad takes effort. The designers must know how to capture an audience’s attention. They can’t do this if they don’t know who the potential audience is.

Social media is no different.

Try catching the attention of the public via random postings. Now imagine placing your audience relevant ad in front of your ideal client.

That’s what’s possible on social media IF you know exactly who your target audience is.

Get started on market research!

2. Mobilize a Dynamic Team

I always wonder who is writing back to me on social media. Does the person even care or understand my comments and questions?

People access social media platforms to connect with likeminded individuals and interact. How can one person on your team connect with many types of people out there?

Rather get your whole team—or at least a few—in on the activities. By spreading the responsibilities your team won’t experience burn out. Your content will be diverse and fresh.

You’ll also benefit from the feedback a team gives. Each team member will have strong points and platforms he or she is good at. In the same way your audience has preferences. You’ll be relevant on many platforms and subjects.

3. What Content Must You Use?

Don’t think content quantity will help you reach your goals. Everything but.


Two prominent role players look for quality:

  • Social media users
  • Social media algorithms

Your audience gets bombarded by high quantities of posts and information. They only have to look at the worthwhile ones and they will still have nonstop entertainment. Does your next post rank among the best ones?

Follow these tips to increase the quality of your content.

Offer Variety

Using paid social media can use up a large chunk of your marketing budget. Don’t simply bombard people with advertisements and promotions.

You’ll be tempted to post all your latest sales. People quickly tire of one type of post. Intersperse your ad schedule with:

  • Competitions
  • Interesting facts
  • Funny videos

Your followers and new clients will enjoy your content more. Their positive predisposition will make them more responsive to your advertisements.

Offer Value

The question you have to ask is “Does this add value to my audience members lives?”

If your fans don’t answer yes to this they won’t consider looking at your post.

Make sure your next posts has one of these characteristics:

  • Is it educational? Lists of facts or items are the best ways to keep your followers interested in your page.
  • Is it entertaining? Images or videos of pets are popular. Use it to draw people to your profiles.
  • Is it relevant? What topics are your audience members interested in? This is why market research is essential. If you talk off topic your clients will scroll past your posts.

A Few Don’ts

Steer away from these pitfalls and your followers will love your profile:

  • Don’t use clichés. Your audience wants original and honest posts.
  • Don’t use click bait. Are you disappointed when an exaggerated headline is linked to a ridiculous article? Your audience feels exactly the same. In 2017 they’re starting to ignore these inflated headlines.

When You Have Nothing, Rewind

Don’t be afraid to recycle old posts. On social media you can bring back the good stuff without seeming out of date.

When you make a huge impact with a certain post try posting it again in a few months. This works with entertaining and educational posts. People who loved it will share and comment again so you once again get exposure.

4. Do You Have an Active Approach?

Do you see social media as a few stagnant platforms where you place your information?

It’s everything but!

Social media platforms contain vibrant communities. People constantly interact with each other. If you don’t have this same approach you won’t gain followers. You won’t seem interesting or real enough.

These easy strategies will keep your audience engaged and make you an expert marketer:

  • Determine which platforms your target audience use most. Focus your energy there so you don’t waste time or resources.
  • Mention people in your post. This is a way to start conversations and get to know your audience.
  • When people comment or like your posts make sure you respond. They’re on social media for interaction. They’ll stay and you’ll get more from them as clients and followers.

5. Why aren’t You Using the Tools?Don’t feel you’re flying blind in the social media universe. Tools are in place to help you get more out of this type of marketing.


Most social media platforms have promotional features. It may cost you extra but you can boost your posts to reach larger audiences than ever before.


You can only improve your social impact if you have feedback on your performance. There are many tools—Analytics—to get feedback and statistics. There’s no excuse for stagnating.


Link your different social media platforms and your website. Widgets enable visitors to like Facebook via your website. Establish links to all platforms so people are aware of your online activity.

Social media platforms know exactly what you need to improve your marketing. You don’t have to invent new ways. Simply use what’s available. Soon others will look to you for tips on doing it right.