How Mobile Recycling Is Changing Technology

The world is inhabited by seven million people who are all producing waste. For instance, the UK alone produces in excess of 100 million tonnes of trash on a daily basis day, which is thrown out to landfills. Of all this trash, only about 35% is recycled. If the statistics are anything to go by, global warming will increase at alarming rates, and the earth will soon be uninhabitable. Cell phones are amongst the waste products disposed of by people each day. Recycling phones helps to conserve valuable materials. It is also a great way to prevent water and air pollution. The main question is- should I sell my mobile, will I help prevent pollution and save technology? The answer is yes; there are many reasons why you should consider recycling your iPhone.

Helps Power up a Laptop

Statistics show that for every phone that is recycled, you are powering a laptop for up to 44 hours. This is great because now companies will no longer have to emit the greenhouse gases that were produced during the manufacture of new laptop batteries. It also means that laptops will stay on for longer on just a few hours of charge each day. This will also mean that people will save more on electricity bills without having to compromise the activities that they partake with these devices.

Saves Energy

Each year, over 130 million cell phones are disposed of in the UK. If all these phones could be recycled, the country can save enough energy to power up more than 25,000 homes. How? Well, a lot of energy is used up in creating all the elements of a phone. In fact, all that energy could be channelled to powering up residences. This is also in addition to the fact that cell phones also have their power. Experts say that 1 million cell phones are recycled each year. This would help to provide electricity to over 190 homes. Thus, natural resources will be preserved, and electricity will not be as expensive as it is at the moment.

Saves the Environment

One of the main reasons why people should recycle their phones is that the devices contain hazardous materials like mercury, arsenic and lead that should not be left in landfills. When chemical reactions occur in the landfills as things decay, the chemicals get into the air, affecting the environment and causing people to have unexplainable and untreatable diseases. This is mostly seen amongst the individuals who live closest to the landfills. Remember too that the impact to the environment is detrimental and, in most instances, irreversible.

Recover Precious Metals

Some of the most expensive phones that you can see around are made of gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium. When cell phones are recycled, these metals can be recovered and used to make other phones and, therefore, save time and other scarce resources that are expended in the search for these precious minerals. If you are wondering- should I sell my mobile, consider replacing it for this reason.

You have nothing to Lose

The best part about recycling your iPhone is that there are no losses involved. You give out your old phone and you are paid for it. Most companies do not just take the phone back; they will repay you for being such a great citizen and for wanting to protect and conserve the environment. Given that most people replace their phones every 18 to 24 months, you need to ensure that you have some money that so that the phone you get next is better than the one you had. Returning your iPhone gives you the chance to get back at least part of the money you will use to get a new one.

Recycling your phone allows you to be part of the wonderful revolution of change that everyone wants to see in the environment. It is also a great way to ensure that you take part in change and get results from it. By having your phone recycled and increasing the battery life of your laptop, you will be benefiting yourself through lowered power costs. You will also have something to show for the good work you will be doing.