Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Please take a moment to digest this provocative article by a Jewish Rabbi from Teaneck, N.J. Rabbi Steven Pruzansky is the spiritual leader of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, New Jersey. It was written a couple of years ago but is still very pertinent for today.

It is far and away the most succinct and thoughtful explanation of how our nation is changing. The article appeared in The Israel National News, and is directed to Jewish readership. 70% of American Jews vote as Democrats. The Rabbi has some interesting comments in that regard.


“The most charitable way of... Read More

Sushma Swaraj’s tweet pointing fingers at Uttrakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna’s efficiency or lack of it in rising to the occasion may have sparked off a heated exchange between the Congress and the BJP, first on the Twitter and then through verbal bites, but there are many in the ruling party who share the feelings of the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha.

The fact that the Congress Central leadership had to rush its seasoned general secretary Ambika Soni and Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh to Dehradun apparently to aid and advise the chief minister, announce some additional... Read More

The 32 piece collection includes a black negligee worn by the former White House intern, a letter signed by Bill Clinton, and 3 boxes of presidential M&Ms are currrently up for grab at Nate D. Sanders Auctions.

The items were submitted by Andy Bleiler, a former lover of Monica’s during the investigation by Kenneth Starr's legal team durin one of the hottest presidential scandals of the 20th century - Monica's cigar smoking affair with the president.

The auction is expected to raise from between $25,000-$50,000 by the time it ends on Thursday. The current bid is $7,853 with... Read More

"Our commitment to liberty is America's tradition — declared at our founding, affirmed in Franklin Roosevelt's Four Freedoms..."

Ten years ago, George W. Bush spoke those words, in front of a banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished." Two and a half years later Iraq approved a proper democratic constitution. For six additional years, our forces fought valiantly to secure that charter. In reviewing the successes and failures, the question comes to mind; if these enumerated rights were worth fighting for on foreign soil, don't they deserve at least an honest effort from our federal... Read More

Former Justice of Supreme Court of India and present Chairman of Press Council of India Mr.Markendeya Katju once again attacked the evils prevalent in the Indian Law making, law executing and law adjudicating bodies and the irresponsible role being played by media in the country. Speaking in the two day National Seminar on “New Channels: Morality and Reality” held by a South Indian state University at Hyderabad, on 6 April, Mr.Katju said 90% of Indians vote like cattle and sheep in electing their Legislative representatives, based their loyalties on caste and religion but not on the merit... Read More


Hee...llo. My name is Albert Albert Albert. My parents are triple stutterers. Cos Dad always says after I bugger something up...Albert! Albert! Albert! I must be 7 cos my mum said that I was born after the 7 year itch. Mummy said that daddy rarely comes up to scratch in any year in a month of Sundays so I'm lucky to be here.

I would like to ask you good people some pertinent questions relating to where yews live. I am a quantum genius and skipped 7 grades as a result. One day however the truant officer skipped... Read More

Though the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India stated that Delhi rape case is one among many, but not a unique one, a very tough Rape punishment law is enacted by Indian Parliament, keeping the sole incident of rape occurred at New Delhi, in view. No body would oppose for the tough punishment if anyone really committed the act of Rape/Sexual assault. But it is absolutely offensive if 'consensual sex' cases are twisted as 'rape' cases if relationships are boomaranged between the parties. The unique provision made in the recent rape-law in India is, the age for ‘consensual sex’ is fixed at 18 years.... Read More

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