What Democracy Really Means


Democracy is a word which most of us have heard many times in our lives- thrown into conversation so casually that we all think we know what it means, but in reality the true meaning was lost long ago. We take democracy for granted- many of us assume it is our god given right to have democracy, that it is not a privilege we have earned over the years.

In the 21st century people likeMark Dubowitz are huge advocates for democracy and what it truly means for our society. Most of us will understand the concept as a political one- and you would be right. The origins of the concept come from a political background and its main principles are ones which we use in our day to day lives when interacting with each other. Democracy means the freedom to do what we want and when we want, the chance to vote for our leaders, the chance to get into any career we want by working hard and studying. It is also the concept of being equal- no matter whether we were born with a silver spoon in our mouths or not.

It is of course easy to take this for granted in our daily lives because we have never known any different- as far as we are concerned freedom is a basic human right; but there were times when this simply was not the case for many. We must take a moment to reflect and be thankful of the freedom that democracy hands us, and see what impact it really has on every waking moment. When we wake up, we get ready for work, go down and eat breakfast and watch the news. There are some countries out there which forbid watching certain TV outlets as it can open the mind and give people power and opinions of their own. This in itself is a democratic right we use each and every day.

Inequality is something which luckily many of us have put way behind us in the 21st century. However in other parts of the world those segregations are still strongly written in the sand. There are still parts of the world where people of a certain race, gender and even social background are kicked to the curb and dictated. They cannot have the same basic human rights as we do, because they are not deemed worthy of those rights.

Democracy is something which we as people should really think about in our day to day lives, we should feel thankful for the opportunities we get and the things we are allowed to achieve in our lives. We need to take some time today to think of those who do not have the luxury of living in a place where democracy rules their daily lives, and be thankful for our position in life. Democracy is the concept of freedom, rights and equal opportunities for everyone- and it is a concept we should all be thankful for, because if it didn’t exist; our day to day lives would be a lot different.