3 Movie Trilogy Worlds to Get Lost in This Weekend

3 Movie Trilogy Worlds to Get Lost in This Weekend

For many people, the workweek is mostly a race to the weekend, and while this is not a particularly healthy mindset, those free days can be extremely relaxing. It allows us time to get chores done, spend time with family, and do all the things that enrich our lives. Likewise, it is a time for us to recharge our brains by getting lost in books, games, TV, and movies. If you’re looking for a solid movie trilogy world to get emersed in this weekend, look no further.

The Lord of the Rings

Having been inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic books, Middle-earth is ripe with gorgeous settings and fantastical elements aplenty. This is by far one of the most popular film trilogies today, consisting of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King, as well as spawning a prequel trilogy based on The Hobbit. Directed by Peter Jackson, these films succeed in creating a fantasy world where one minute you could be laughing with Sam and Frodo in The Shire and the next you’re stranded in Mordor with Sauron glaring down at you.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Probably the most popular pirate films of all time, these movies feature Johnny Depp as the incredibly famous Captain Jack Sparrow, the greatest pirate who ever lived—at least, according to him. Funny, full of action, and compelling characters are reason enough to dive into the Caribbean with these pirates, but it’s the refreshing setting, with its tropical beaches, dark caves, and open waters, that draw us in and leave us speaking like a pirate by the end of the movies. While the series has continued past the trilogy, many consider the first three to be the end of an era once Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan’s journey reaches a conclusion. That being said, we’re glad to get as much of these pirates as we can get ahold of.

Star Wars

Possibly the only trilogy world more immersive than Lord of the Rings is Star Wars. The original series was released way back in the 70s and 80s, but it still holds up as one of the greatest. Following Luke, Leia, and Han—as well as Chewy, C3PO, and R2D2—through the galaxy still puts a smile on our faces today as they travel to strange and exotic planets full of unique species. Locations like Endor, Hoth, Naboo, and The Death Star each have their own distinct personality and visual elements that make the world—or worlds—seem real to us. Not only that but there are two other trilogies to watch as well, one being a prequel and the other continuing the story. These films, combined with TV shows and spin-off movies, you can rest assured that you won’t run out of Star Wars content anytime soon.

Sit Back and Relax

Whether you’re hammering away at a construction site all day or utilizing cell disruption at a company like BEE International, you deserve to take a break every now and then. When you get home from work this Friday, do yourself a favor and pick out a solid trilogy of movies to wash away the stress of the week.