The Most Natural Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Brown Eyes

The Most Natural Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Brown Eyes

The colored contact lens market has boomed in the last few years with a huge range of both color choice and replacement cycle on the market. One of the most common questions is still around which color contact lenses are best for covering dark brown eyes. We’ve done our research and Solotica are the best brand on the market for completely transforming dark brown eyes into beautiful tones of blues, greens, grays and hazels.

If you’re looking for the lowdown on which specific lenses to try, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hazel lenses for dark eyes

A less common but beautiful tone, hazel eyes are desired by many. We highly recommend opting for Hidrocor Ocre if you’re looking to take your dark eyes to a light hazel tone. As one of the more natural colors in the collection, we would suggest these lenses if you are looking to gradually transition to coloured contacts. Sometimes lifting the tone of your natural eye color is all you need to completely revamp your aesthetic and test out those un-touched eyeshadow colors you associated with more honey-colored eyes. Alternatively, if you wanted to test a blend of hazel and yellow tones the Aquarella Golden Ochre is the ideal lens, providing a subtle gold-flecked aesthetic which beautifully changes in different lights.

Green lenses for dark eyes

One of the most popular eye colours due to its natural rarity with only 2% of the population born with green eyes. Despite its worldwide attractiveness many are hesitant to choose green in fear of their dark brown eyes diluting the lighter color. Were here to bust the myths with our bold but beautiful Hidrocor Jade lens, with unmatched opacity for seamless coverage on darker eye colors. Alternatively, if you are looking for a blue-green mix the Hidrocor Rio Ipanema is the lens for you, with no limbal ring for a 100% natural look on brown eyes.

Blue lenses for dark eyes

Blue eyes are potentially one of the most adventurous colors for us brown eyed beauty enthusiasts to pull off due to the striking contrast between our natural color. However, Solotica are not ones to shy away from adversity, with the team always been up for a challenge. After many trials, tests, and copious amounts of selfies we truly believe the Hidrocor Safira lens is THE perfect blue for dark brown eyes. Inspired by the Sapphire stone, these yearly lenses offer unparalleled coverage with maximum authenticity due to the lack of limbal ring. If you are after a bolder blue, the Natural Colors Quartzo set turns deep brown to a dazzling ocean blue, combining gorgeous greys and flecks of yellow with a subtle limbal ring helping achieve a unique and desirable tone.

Gray lenses for dark eyes

The color of your eye is defined by a brown pigment known as melanin, a word most associated with skin color. However just as it is with skin, the amount of melanin controls the color of our eyes. Potentially the reason why you are reading this article and debating purchasing colored contacts is because currently brown is the most common eye color in the world. So if you fancy going from the most common to the least gray contacts are the way to go. With only 1% of the worlds population naturally sporting gray eyes, they are extremely rare and as a result fascinatingly striking. Scientists believe gray eyes have the least amount of melanin and disperse light differently, making them so light in color. So, if you are here for the switch up, we can provide you with the goods. Aquarella Beliza Gray are one of our all-time favourite colored contact lenses with their two-tone feature producing unique combinations on every eye type. Worried the opacity isn’t enough for your natural dark brown eyes, try the Hidrocor Cristal lenses, this bright gray provides ultimate coverage for eyes with the highest melanin levels.

So, in summary brown-eyed ladies and gents, if you are looking for the world’s most natural colored contact lenses to seamlessly cover the deepest shades head over to – you won’t be disappointed.


If you have been wanting to change your eye color with a natural result, Solotica have the best color contact lenses to transform your beauty in an instant