What is Airbnb insurance

What is Airbnb insurance

What is Airbnb insurance

The travel industry is expanding its boundaries every year. More and more people prefer to spend their free time traveling around the world. Demand begets supply. Like mushrooms after the rain new travel agencies appear. Everyone promises the best conditions for recreation. Travel safety comes to the fore. At Airbnb, special attention is paid to the insurance of hosts and guests.

Airbnb Property Insurance

Airbnb Insurance guarantees damages up to $1,000,000. This can happen in cases where the guest damaged the house or property but did not pay for it. Insurance has the following features:

  • Is valid worldwide, with the exception of owners offering rental services in Airbnb Travel, LLC. This insurance does not apply to the owners of mainland China, Japan, and the organizers of impressions.
  • Protects during the entire period of the guest's stay.
  • It is exclusive in the tourism industry.

How much Airbnb insurance costs and how to arrange it

Hosts who submit ads to Airbnb and do not delete them are automatically covered by the personal liability insurance program for the rental period. There are certain conditions and limitations. If you wish to refuse to participate in the program, you must:

  • Write to the administration of Airbnb from the address in the account.
  • Specify personal data and phone numbers associated with the account.
  • Write the name of the ad without changes or errors.
  • You will need an email to process the request.

From this procedure are exempt owners who do not fall into the scope of personal liability insurance, which is mentioned in the previous pattern. Personal liability insurance should not be confused with the Airbnb guarantee for its owners. It is not related to insurance, although the maximum amount of compensation is also equal to 1,000,000 US dollars. The guarantee for owners is valid only in cases of damage to housing. These two Airbnb programs apply to the hosts for the entire stay of the guests.

Tourists who want to resort to the protection of insurance agencies can turn to special services on the Internet. There they will find comprehensive information. Before issuing an insurance agreement, the traveler should:

  • study the cases that the insurance policy covers;
  • compare several options to choose from by price and guarantees;
  • study the terms and conditions of the program;
  • contact the service provider for details.

What coverage can the host expect from Airbnb insurance

Insurance covers the host with the following consequences from the actions of guests or other persons;

  • harm to housing;
  • damage to property.

The insurance also covers losses related to the actions of the guests' animals.

Personal liability insurance legally covers liability:

  • for physical damage by a guest or other person;
  • for damage to the property of guests and other people while renting an Airbnb;
  • for damage by a guest or other person on the premises of real estate.

What does not cover Airbnb insurance?

The Airbnb insurance program does not cover circumstances that are clearly foreseen. For example, almost all insurance agencies exclude coverage of risks associated with the coronavirus epidemic. Insurance will partially reimburse your expenses if you get sick or are quarantined. But the insurance agency will not cover the cancellation of the trip because of the risk of contracting the coronavirus. The personal liability program does not cover circumstances that fall within the scope of the Airbnb guarantee for its owners. This includes:

  • intentional damage to housing and property;
  • loss of income.

How Airbnb insurance works in conjunction with the services of conventional insurance companies

Airbnb does everything possible to make the life of a tourist on vacation truly safe, interesting, and useful. To do this, it provides its customers with a lot of information on finding suitable insurance options. It is profitable for the company to attract a large number of tourists, so it cooperates with many insurance agencies so that customers have more opportunities to choose.

Airbnb has added articles to the Help Center that provide answers to frequently asked questions. Customers are advised to study carefully the content of insurance policies. They are different in many ways. No need to rush to choose. Study each item carefully. You do not know what problems you will have to face during the trip. Try to choose the agency that offers the most favorable conditions for your safety on the trip.

Benefits of Airbnb Insurance for Guests. Is it worth buying a tourist insurance policy

There can only be one answer: yes, it is. It will protect in unforeseen circumstances that often happen during travel:

  • cancellation of a trip due to bad weather, strikes, injury, circumstances at work, the death of a loved one, an unexpected illness;
  • interruption of travel until the end of the term, regardless of the reason;
  • illness that befell during the journey;
  • problems with fast transportation, search for a medical worker, loss of documents or luggage;
  • cancellation of the trip.

In all these cases, insurance will help to fully or partially reimburse expenses, get help in solving urgent problems.


Try to read all you can find out about Airbnb Insurance to understand better your rights and opportunities. Compare different insurance plans and policies, understand your local legislation regarding the vacation rental business. You can get your property covered by purchasing third-party insurance to make sure your investment is protected from all possible angles.