The 5 Best Films From the ‘80s Revealed

There’s no doubt about it: the ‘80s was one of the greatest decades for film. From coming-of-age dramas to epic sci-fi sequels, that 10-year period brought us some of cinema’s biggest and best blockbusters.

We were treated to strange friendships (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial), smooth moves (Dirty Dancing) and one of the catchiest movie theme-tunes ever made (Ghostbusters). We enjoyed puppetry at its finest (Gremlins) and plot twists that truly shocked (The Empire Strikes Back).

With so many massive ’80 movies to choose from, shortlisting the top 5 is no mean feat. That’s why we’ve called in the help of the entertainment experts from They’ve trawled through a list of ‘80s movies from every genre to select the very best.

Check out their picks in this infographic. Let us know if any of your favourite flicks made the cut!