Improve the Office For Your Employees

people doing office works

Creating a comfortable and enjoyable office environment is something that all business owners and entrepreneurs should strive for if they want to push their company towards further growth and success. You can have the best people around with the most high-tech gear, but this is all for nought if no one enjoys being there, so to ensure success, it’s best to start with the basics.

From delicious drinking water to flexible hours, along with plenty of light, fresh air, and an orderly office in between, here is how you can improve the office for your employees, and anyone else who happens to drop by.

Better Pipes

Hydration is crucial when you’re stuck in an office all day long with few chances for breaks, so working with companies such as Merus can help you improve the quality of the drinking water and also eliminate toxins, limescale, and other things you don’t want in your pipes.

With more encouragement for employees to bring in reusable water bottles, this will work out in everyone’s favor. They will stop purchasing single-use plastic bottles and have a greater reliance on the tap water available from the kitchen. With enough time, there will also be less maintenance required, which will save your company money in the long run so you can focus your budget elsewhere.

Lots of Light

Your office likely has a lot of light already; the problem is that it’s the wrong kind of light. If it’s anything like the offices we expect, these lights are long fluorescent tubes that stretch up and down the ceiling like glowing railroad tracks, and this is what you need to change.

Such artificial light can cause headaches, migraines, and a drop in concentration and productivity. Instead, consider replacing these lights with more energy-efficient alternatives, and if possible, think about how to bring more natural light into the office. You can do this by installing new windows or rearranging the office to take advantage of the current window placement. You’ll soon see the results you desire.

Clean and Tidy

Clutter and mess are other issues that make the office feel uncomfortable. An untidy office makes it difficult to concentrate, and this mess can also cause safety hazards. For everyone’s benefit, it’s essential to encourage everyone to do their part to keep the office tidy, from desk to walkways to the common area and kitchen.

Otherwise, you risk creating a standoff culture where people are reluctant to tidy up after each other. You also don’t want to take advantage of the cleaners, and they will appreciate coming into an office after hours that doesn’t demand more hours of work than should be necessary so they can get home to their families, too.

Fresh Air

An office, with all of its steaming cups of coffee and brought-from-home lunches, can develop an odor after a while, and if this isn’t taken care of regularly, it can distract and irritate everyone in the office. Think about ways to bring fresh air into the office, such as opening the windows during the summer or even bringing plants in that will improve the air quality and general look of the office.

The improved air will make people happier to be there, and they will get on with their tasks and projects quickly and effectively. You can also create rules about what sort of foods are acceptable to eat in the office and at the desk, as no one wants to deal with a tuna and blue cheese stench for the rest of the day.

Flexible Hours

Finally, one way to make the office more comfortable for your employees is not to force them to be there all day, every day. Flexible working hours make people more relaxed and improve both productivity and creativity while also helping contribute to improving the environment.

You shouldn’t allow them to take the whole week working from home, but you can enable flexi-time to be something they can indulge in if needed. This helps them manage their life more relaxed out of work and means they won’t feel resentful about needing to be at work when they could have just stayed at home.

A Happy Office is a Productive Office

It’s all well and good trying to create an artificial culture of productivity and success, but people are not stupid. They will quickly see through any attempts to copy the Amazons and Googles of the world to boost enjoyment. At the core, people want to be comfortable, so making simple fixes could be the answer you’ve been looking for all along.