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Start Increasing Customer Satisfaction Simply And Effectively With These Easy Steps

by Editor (editor) , December 20, 2019

Most companies in the twenty first century have customer satisfaction at the forefront of their mind, and every step of the business plan is implemented to ensure the customer is happy and that things are working well and effectively. This in turn leads to generating more money and improving services year by year. Most companies put huge efforts into achieving this and it is important that you are not doing anything within your business that is dissuading customers from using your services and there is a multitude of problems that could cause your customers to ditch you and go elsewhere. You can however, stop this from happening.

The digital scene today is of course incredibly competitive, making it more important than ever that you keep on top of your customer’s needs and expectations, maximise the value of your working systems and databases and promoting your company as you would like, understanding the importance of growth. The speed of growth depends upon the effort you put in and how you change any services and cut off the systems that aren't working.

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Customer service in essence is a team effort and isn’t down to just one person. It is an overall experience that the customer receives from any and every staff member they come into contact with and the better the experience, the more likely they are of returning to you and not going elsewhere. To retain your customers is how you grow and word of mouth is major in growing your business and gaining new custom. There are ways that you can create an even bigger impact and ensure that your customer service is the best it can be. It is also important to remember that the idea and strategy surrounding inbound marketing is to meet the customers needs and not yours. If you are lacking in certain areas, you need to tackle this separately and your aim is customer successes. This isn’t to say your staff are put to the background but it means that the systems need to be much better implemented so less issues every arise - this is important throughout all departments of your company.

How To Actually Improve And What Could The Problems Be?

  1. Taking steps to ensure your strategies are aligning with what the customers want and need - this is vital to ensure that you’re putting the right amounts of money into the right pots for your marketing and sales and of course your service delivery operations. If you are not investing money into the right areas then ultimately you’re losing out and therefore by knowing what strategies are working and which ones aren’t, you can ensure that you hit the targets. Take simple steps to work out where the problems are and mindmap with your separate teams.
  2. Create a customer service experience feedback scheme - some customers may not want to buy into this at all, and may feel it’s a waste of their time for your gains but ultimately their feedback will help you grow and give them even better services. By having a feedback scheme in place you can encourage them to answer your questions, to find out what is lacking and where and what could be improved. Once this is monitored, it can be further developed by your teams. There are options such as Customer Surveys, Net Promoter Scores, and asking them over the phone can help you before you collate all the relevant information relating to feedback.
  3. Track the services and monitor everything -you should already be monitoring your employees work and their services. If someone is lacking in one area or another, it can be detrimental and all staff members should be working at the same high standard. NPS scores can be used to measure customer satisfaction and see what areas aren’t working; if it comes out as staff members being unhelpful or rude, then you may need to shake up the staff system and bring in a new team. Your team after all, is everything. Measure often and accurately - look at figures, look at where money has been lacking and where it could be injected, most often it will need to be put into new and effective systems.
  4. Get reliable systems - your team must visually plan and schedule all their work in advance to ensure a smooth running office environment, this is also the case when it comes to old systems. You must ensure your systems are up to date and that they are working to their full potential. Scheduling software will be a huge benefit to your team also.
  5. Set clear customer expectations and know your customers - the more you can get to understand your customers, the better you are able to advise them and help them. This does depend on the niche of your company but overall, customer satisfaction remains the same throughout every single type of company. Make sure your customers are not feeling at a loss too, if they have clear points of contact that will make them feel safe and secure, but sometimes with huge call centres, their complaints or queries may get lost and it leaves them feeling unsure of your services.
  6. Good communication is vital - good communication within the working network will be hugely important. You need to ensure that all the staff are in good clear communication and that they all know exactly what needs to be done and when. Having databases that have not been updated or staff not staying on top of their tasks will cause issues in the long run and they will not be performing to a good standard.

It may just be that you need to start understanding your customers more, and once you have a good understanding of their needs you will be able to help them better. Look for trends when it comes to the complaints and queries, are people frequently asking the same questions or is there a specific issue that keeps arising, this will help you analyse further and you can resolve them quicker. Perhaps you don’t have too many queries or complaints and your customers are generally happy, in that case, how can you make them even happier. There are plenty of ways to help your customers feel more in control. Offer them something more. Loyalty schemes can be good, to help customers feel that they can earn something back for their loyalty to you as a brand. Keep in good contact with them to find out if everything is OK with their product and to reassure them that you are there to help if any issues should arise with the product in the future.

Utilise Your Social Media Channels For Optimum Customer Satisfaction

Social Media is a fantastic way to connect to your customers and potential customers. It is a great way to promote your company and it is of course free to use. This makes it a very important facet to your business. Look at what works on social media and ensure that your branding is perfect. You may want to look at focusing on some kind of guru online, or if you’re trying to promote and share with possible customers that your business is the best, you may want to collaborate with people online. Identify experts and industry professionals who are active and that would be interested in working with you to help you further your online presence. Influencers particularly have become a top favourite in today’s day and age, because influencer marketing gets results from authentic content, reaching new communities and using people who the public may already trust and love.

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Also utilising social media for customer queries is fantastic and is most often done on Twitter. You can assign someone within your marketing department to be online for a set number of hours during the day to answer questions from people online and guide them towards the best means of help. It’s a great way also, to connect with your customers and you can find out the tone of voice which works best for your brand. Perhaps you are p;ayful and fun, or perhaps you want to take a more serious approach to your social media, the list is endless in terms of what can work. Instagram is a little harder to tackle as you are limited to DMs however it is a fantastic marketing tool if you have beautiful graphics that you’d like to showcase or if you have offers that you’d like to circulate; Instagram can be fantastic and of course you are able to grab your analytics week by week.

To neatly round this off, we can already see the premise for increasing customer satisfaction is to put yourself in the position of the customer. You can achieve better services with some simple steps, and achieving your goals through a combination of techniques which include, marketing, scheduling, updating software, improving communication, leveraging your brand, social media marketing, influencer marketing, working to improve goals, keeping your staff happy, getting to know your customers and working constantly to advance your systems and ideas. It’s certainly doable, but the rest is up to you.

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