10 Athlete oriented CBD products you will want to try

Now that cannabis is legal in much of the western world, its benefits are quickly becoming more understood and utilized. Cannabinoids are being extensively researched, and new and exciting products are hitting the shelves faster than most can keep track of. Though most CBD products are not cannabis-derived, the introduction of legislation that has allowed marijuana has forced a societal shift in opinions of hemp plants and their products. CBD is only one of over 200 cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in cannabis plants, but for those who are seeking the benefits without the psychoactive effects, a pure CBD product is necessary. Since most athletes need to keep a clear head, it is common for professionals to seek out alternative medications that will help to alleviate pain from injury and intense workouts.

CBD is beneficial in many ways, but the most important quality is in its ability to reduce inflammation, which leads to an improved level of performance, a speedier recovery, and reduced stress levels. All of which can be beneficial to athletes who won’t or can’t take an extended period to bounce back from overdoing things. Whether you are a professional athlete, or just someone who is trying to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, you are going to want to test out these ten CBD products made specifically for people like you.

1. Athletes Best CBD drops

The Athlete’s best line of CBD products features their most popular items, which are both the human and pet CBD oils. These items are made from organically grown hemp, include full-spectrum benefits thanks to the preservation of both terpenes and cannabinoids, and the guarantee that you will never get high. Though federal standards sit at 0.3% CBD, Athletes best products are third party tested and include up to 1500mg of CBD and 0% THC.

2. Hemp Bombs CBD vape juice

Have you ever heard of vape training? Since smoking is now known to cause many adverse health effects, many athletes are using vaping instead to improve performance, relax, and heal before, during, or after a good workout. Hemp Bombs juice provides both the quality and strength that is required by athletes. With options ranging in flavors and potency including 300mg to 3000 mg options, even the worst pain will slowly melt away with the addition of this CBD infused vape juice.

3. Sweet Seeds Sweet Pure CBD strain

Though there are several marijuana strains that now offer a high dose of CBD alongside a low amount of the psychoactive element THC, there are few that have perfected things this well. The average CBD cannabis strain can produce around 10% of CBD, and between 2%-4% THC, but this one is an eye popping 15% CBD with a meager 1% THC. So, if you enjoy the act of smoking or vaping fresh herb but are avoiding the euphoric elements of THC, than this one is perfect for you.

4. Pure Hemp CBD protein powder

Most athletes are always on the search for the next best protein powder, which can help you to build up muscle, increase energy levels, and stave off fat. This dietary supplement is perfect for making CBD edibles and comes infused with 300mg of CBD and in a wide range of flavors to choose from including cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and strawberry. The ingredients include essential macronutrients that will help to keep you both active and competitive without the psychoactive effects of cannabis products. Whether you like to follow the directions on the can or prefer to create new and exciting flavored smoothies, this protein powder is a steal of a deal and perfect for anyone with a healthy and active lifestyle.

5. Mary’s nutritionals transdermal CBD patch

Most CBD products require infrequent dosing to maintain a particular result. The best part about this CBD patch is that it is capable of lasting up to 12 hours, and during that time will offer consistent and reliable levels of relief. Each patch is infused with 10mg of hemp-derived CBD, which is delivered through an area of skin that can be covered for discretion, looks, and personal comfort. The only other medical ingredient that is included in these strips is natural eucalyptus oils and terpenes, which can help to enhance the experience of microdosing.

6. Good CBD breath strips

These mint flavored CBD edibles are perfect for anyone who is always on the go. Each pack comes filled with 20 CBD infused minty breath strips that each deliver 20mg of CBD directly into your system. This quick dissolve administration system allows for discreet consumption, is vegan-friendly, and contains no THC, which is perfect for those who are avoiding the more euphoric effects of the cannabinoid while still wanting fast and efficient relief.

7. Cannalife Botanicals CBD healing salve

If you have pulled a muscle, or just finished an extra strenuous workout than you probably want a more area specific method of treatment. For these situations, CBD salve is perfect. It can be applied to any number of problem areas on the outside of the body. CBD can help to lessen inflammation and reduce pain and stiffness. When it is combined with other natural ingredients like beeswax, almost oil, coconut oil, garlic, orange, lavender, citrus, and shea butter like in this formula, those effects are enhanced and improved upon with an aromatic and naturally creamy texture that will keep you coming back for more, and leave your skin soft and supple once absorbed.

8. Aurora Elixirs CBD juice

These CBD edibles are from a whole different world, with elegance and charm at the heart of this company; it is no surprise that their CBD infused juice is just as classy. Aurora Elixirs are encased in glass jars with absolutely no exposure to harmful plastics, and the formula itself consists of all natural organically grown ingredients and no THC. Each bottle holds 250ml in a single serving that’s been infused with 15mg of CBD, making it the perfect refreshing option for anyone interested in microdosing on the go. Since the drink isn’t fizzy, it’s suitable for your favorite water bottle that you would typically bring to the gym. So, pour yourself a dose of goodness, top it with ice, or enjoy this therapeutic cannabinoid drink in style. Either way will deliver the benefits with absolutely no euphoric sensations or high.