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3 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

by Laurie967 (writer) , June 11, 2019

Here are three unique ideas to set your bachelorette party apart from the rest.

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is celebrating with your bridal party. Traditional bachelorette parties consist of a “last hurrah of single life” night complete with drinks, dancing, and bonding with your favorite gal-pals.

For those looking for a more nontraditional approach to bond with their closest friends before saying “I do”, here are three unique ideas to set your bachelorette party apart from the rest.

Take a party cruise

What could be better than a day on the water with your favorite girls taking a bachelorette party cruisein Palm Beach? These cruises can provide you with a party on the seas to match your unique personality. Let your cruise stay as low-key and relaxing as you are, or let out your inner party girl with your choice of charter and party packages.

Your charter can bring you and your guests to your choice of waterfront dining in the county. Book with an agent and ask for entertainment options as well. Local professionals will know which establishments will be the most memorable.

While you’re on the cruise, take time to get together with your bridal party and share stories about the experiences you’ve shared together. If your bridesmaids come from various points in your life, find things that they may have in common to come together as a whole.

Throw a slumber party

Some of the best friendship bonding can happen right in the comfort of your own pajamas. Instead of a night out on the town, throw the ultimate girls night in. Rent a cabin, home, or even studio apartment for a night with your bridal party and get ready for a game night for the ages.

Have custom pajamas and robes ready for your bridesmaids in their rooms and ask them to each bring their favorite chick flick and favorite board game. Pack up some snacks, order in a pizza, pop the champagne, and spend your last night of single life with the girls who mean the most to you.

After you’ve rested from a night of gossip, food, and movies, find a local café to stop and grab brunch the next morning. The perfect places have Instagram-worthy presentations and never-ending mimosas. Spending quality time with your bridesmaids in the peace and quiet of a night in gives you more opportunities to talk and further forge your friendships.

Create a co-ed day

For those leaning towards completely non traditional bachelorette parties, consider combining your party with your future husband’s. Instead of a traditional separate bachelor and bachelorette party, plan a day to bring all of the most important people in your lives together.

If you’re outdoorsy, plan a group hike at one of the nation’s many National Parks. Follow up at a campsite with dinner, s’mores, and drinks to bring your friends from both sides into one night of making memories.

If you’re the athletic type, plan a tournament of bridesmaids versus groomsmen in a friendly game of soccer, field hockey, or the sport of your choosing. Opt for a Lansing sporting event and plan a professional-level tournament complete with former coaches and tournament planners on staff.

Why not extend your parties to an entire weekend? Invite family and friends to come together to celebrate your future union. Find places around town to eat, shop, and explore together when your tournament is through — losers buy!

Regardless of what you choose to do, finding an activity that celebrates you and your favorite ladies is what a true bachelorette party is all about. Your party should reflect the friendships you’ve created that have led you to choose your bridal party, and celebrate the union you’re creating on your big day. Whether it’s traditional or a little exotic, your bachelorette party is all about you.

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