Does Your Choice Of Colour Reflect Your Mood?

Over the years, researchers have found out that colour can have a direct effect on the mood of a person. According to the researchers, a certain colour can bring change to the behaviour, mood and stress levels of a person. In a recent journal, famous colour specialist, Leatrice Eiseman spoke about her survey of thousand peoples and their perspectives to different colours. According to the research, she has found that people have a calm and relaxed attitude toward blue as the colour is usually associated with blues sky which reflects a clear sky literally and philosophically, stability and calm. In this research, the colour expert has pointed out the many meaning of colours. For suppose, if you are going on a date and you are a woman, you should prefer wearing red as it is the most passionate colour. And if you are a man, you should prefer wearing blue as it will reflect stability and calmness. It will help both you and your date to have a relaxed time. While white reflects purity, innocence and cleanliness, Black means mystery, power and professionalism and Green is for success, hope and healing and on the other hand, yellow implies confidence, youth and happiness while Orange goes with fun, warmth and energy. On a subconscious level, colours do have meaning, and it does affect our mood. It is one of the major reasons why hippies drape themselves up in bright colours.


Does bright cloth make you happier?

Famous colour and style consultant, Jules Standish, in a recent article said about choosing the colour of our attire and how it changes our mood. In her research, she found that if we bring changes in the choice of colour in our shopping habits, our self-esteem and wellbeing might be affected. Colours such as pink or red release dopamine, the hormone that is responsible for brightening up our mood. She further said that these bright colours could also improve our sex drive. While on the other hand, blues has been found to release oxytocin, the hormone responsible for making us calm.

Then most important part of dressing up is the comfort. We should always wear something that we are comfortable in. Regardless of what you are wearing, you should always apply your style on the apparel that you are wearing so that you feel comfortable. But if you wear khaki or slacks for sweatpants, it will give you a dull and boring appearance which will drastically give you a bad mood by bringing in anxiety. It stands the same for the clothes that are too small or too big. It is always not necessary that your apparel needs to be expensive or fancy; you can attract people by wearing a bright and colourful dress. Not only will it make you look unique, but it will also help you to socialise.

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That attire that you will be wearing is going to affect your confidence. The two main categories of colours are warm and cool. If you are having a bad day and need something to cheer you up, you can wear bright apparel with funky accessories as the bright colours will instantly cheer up your mood. If you are going up on a date, you can wear something in blue as it is a cool colour and will provide a relaxed and cool environment. You should always wear attires that make you feel good, not a walking billboard. And not only bright colours will give you a bright mood but also boost your energy that is why experts recommend wearing bright outfits to workout.

Bright outfits for a workout session

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It has been proven that wearing bright outfits to workout session higher the energy level which charges the workout session. That is the main reason why these funky workout tanks, joggers and sneakers have found their way into the market. These colourful workout apparels give an energy boost and brighten up the mood. Here are some points which define why you should wear a colourful dress to workout.

  • Releases dopamine

It is one of the major factors why people prefer wearing bright outfits to the workout session. Bright colours are proved to give the brain a boost and release dopamine, the hormone which is responsible for cheering up the mood. According to a journal written by a famous psychologist, the colours of cloth have a direct effect on the behaviour of a person.

They have termed this process as “enclothed cognition”. According to the researchers, colours carry a symbolic meaning which subconsciously affects your behaviour.

  • Intimidation factor

Not only colourful affects your mood, but it also affects the people surrounding you. If you wear something that is bright, you might be able to have a direct impact on your opponent's mind during a game. It is found that people who are in black sports uniform during a game tend to be more aggressive.

  • Improved performance

As said earlier, wearing a colourful outfit during your workout session will give you an energy boost which will eventuality result in a high performance work out session. A bright outfit for your workout session is equally important as buying the perfect pair of running shoes or other equipment for your workout.

So, if you want to give your mind and energy a boost, then go for an outfit that is bright in colour.