Fun Things to Do in the Winter

Depending on where you live, there’s probably still some snow left in your winter. Heck, even people from the South can still enjoy the fun and fantasy of winter--you just might have to travel to snow. While others might huddle together for warmth or fly to Florida to escape the cold, you know that winter isn’t all bad. Between beautiful frosty windows, snowball fights, and a hot cup of cocoa after cross-country skiing, winter has a lot to offer. Check out this list of fun things to do in the winter.

Outdoor Fun

When it comes to outdoor activities in the winter, it sometimes seems like there’s more to do in the snow than in the summer. Between snowshoeing, cross-country-skiing, downhill skiing, ice skating, sledding, building snowmen, building snow forts, having a snowball fight, ice fishing, and more, it seems like winter holds enough activities to keep you busy for months. (And that’s good… because winter lasts for months.) Winter can even provide unusual activities, like outdoor snow bonfires and ice sculpture competitions. Whatever fun outdoor winter activity you choose, you’ll end up loving the brisk smell of fresh wintry air, and the cold tingling in your fingers. When it’s time to come inside recover from the cold, that’s when the best indoor activities of winter begin.

Indoor Recovery (from Outdoor Fun)

We can’t spend all our leisure time out in the snow. After an hour or two of outside exploration, it’s time to come in and thaw and enjoy some of the indoor-benefits that winter brings. You’d never try these fun ways to warm up in the summer, which makes them winter-only activities. Come in from the cold and enjoy hot cocoa or a steaming mug of tea. Watch a movie while wrapped in enormous blankets. Bake cookies and stand close to the oven. Find some cozy way of warming up fast. You’ll appreciate your fireplace ten times more after coming in from the cold.

Snowy Vacations

Sometimes, you don’t get snow in your backyard. Or maybe you have the freezing temperatures, but mother nature decided to be stingy with the snowflakes. If you’re stuck in the cold and missing your snowshoes, or living down south where no flakes will fall, consider heading to a ski resort or wintry cabin to get the most out of winter. You can try Skiing near Truckee CA, or rent a cabin in Land o’ Lakes, WI. From there, you can ski, fish, snowshoe, ice skate, and hike to your heart’s content. Just because winter isn’t right outside your door doesn’t mean you can’t have a wintry experience of your own.

While some people would hastily put winter at the bottom of their list of favorite seasons, you know better. You know that snow and ice make for extraordinary fun, and winter offers some of the best experiences of any season. A temporary taste of the arctic, winter is a magical time of transformation that brings fun for everyone.