Thursday, July 09, 2020

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Investigations are sometimes called regular stories with a lot more research involved. It takes time to collect data, analyze it, verify sources and piece together a good story. And you can’t afford to make a mistake unless you want to risk being labeled poor quality or fake news. Fortunately, there are many tools available that make the investigation much easier than it would otherwise be. Here are 7 tools all investigative journalists should be using.


OpenRefine is an open-source tool. It is great for cleaning up and organizing massive datasets. Then you can clean up... Read More

The attorneys for Harvey Weinstein, the board of directors of The Weinstein Co., and nearly 30 of Weinstein’s accusers have reportedly reached a tentative civil settlement. Pending approval by the presiding judges regarding two of his cases, a $47 million settlement of nearly all the civil lawsuits pending against Harvey Weinstein would compensate his accusers with approximately $25 million.

According to the proposed settlement, the insurance companies of The Weinstein Co. would be required to pay out $6.2 million, which would be paid to the 18 women who filed suit against Weinstein,... Read More

Although all states currently make animal cruelty a crime, a new act known as the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act will make it a federal crime as well. Previously, because some incidents of animal cruelty crossed state lines, a void in federal law made federal prosecution essentially impossible. However, with the recent enactment of the PACT Act, federal prosecution is now a reality.

“The escalation of these acts to a federal level is likely to cause a significant shift in how these cases are viewed,” states Attorney Jenn Gersch of Nicol Gersch Law PC. “With cases... Read More

In the financial world, exchanges happen every minute. Such transactions are a necessity due to the fact that different geological areas use different currencies. Some cities use the US dollar, and another uses the Euro, so on and so forth. And this prompts anyone moving from one location to another to do an exchange so that their cash is valuable wherever they are traveling to. In this piece, we shall look into the most traded pairs, but first, let us get a bit of background info on currency pairs.

The basics

Before we even get to the specific pairs, you first have to understand... Read More

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is typically charged as a misdemeanour offence in Orange County, California. Though, some aggravating factors can result in a felony DUI charge. If you are facing your first, second or third DUI case, you will most likely get charged with a misdemeanour DUI case. However, in the following conditions, a California drunk driving charge may result in a felony charge.

Fourth or More DUI within Ten years

When a person gets over three previous DUI convictions within a decade, the fourth DUI arrest will automatically be charged... Read More

The Florida Court of Appeals has trashed a claim for $90,000 in damages to a sidewalk slip and fall victim due to an unauthenticated Google Maps photos used as primary evidence in her case.

According to reports made by the Daily Business Review, the Third District Court of Appeal decided to rule against the victim Juanita Kho, who alleged that—while walking, she slipped and fell on a Miami sidewalk in 2010.

Kho’s case was bolstered by a Google Maps photo showing the state of the sidewalk with a date stamp of November 2007. This was introduced with the intention of showing... Read More

There is nothing quite like investing in a building and giving it a new lease of life. From churches and museums to shopping malls and office blocks, you can do a lot with a building no matter what it used to be before. If you have invested some money in a new space, you may now be stumped about what to do with it. Shopping malls have been an American institution for many years now, and yet because of the competition with companies like Amazon and other online vendors, shopping malls are standing empty.

Many of them have stopped attracting customers, with the convenience of online... Read More

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