Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Do you need help growing your accounting firm client list? Are you having problems obtaining and keeping life long clients? Does your tax firm need a kick in the pants? Andrew Argue might be the solutions to your company’s short falls.

Since starting the Argue Company, Andrew Argue has helped over 200 people to grow and develop their accounting firms into hyper-profitable businesses. This kind of growth is amazing and is for the most part chronicled on his LinkedIn page. Andrew Argue’s reviews are generally great, and because of the kind of platform that LinkedIn is, there is a lot of... Read More

The first step towards a better understanding of bicycle accidents is not calling them “accidents.”

Officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration first started considering the difference in 1997, and NHTSA employees no longer talk about car “accidents” in speeches and literature. Instead, they use terms like “collision,” “crash,” and “wreck” to convey the idea that traffic collisions in general, and bicycle collisions in particular, are “predictable results of the laws of physics” as opposed to “an unavoidable part of life.”

Several other entities within the... Read More

In many rent-controlled cities, landlords and property owners are required to provide proper justification in order to evict existing tenants. These “Just Cause” eviction laws are meant to keep tenants secure against at-will removal from rented units, but can sometimes cause issues and complications for landlords.

San Diego is one city that has implemented “Just Cause” laws. Given the rent control laws that are in place, landlords may often find it difficult to remove tenants, even when the cause is clearly apparent. Despite what is often viewed as difficult to identify, these justifiable... Read More

Susan Fowler Rigetti who is now a best-selling author and worked with Uber earlier alleged sexual harassment and discrimination by a manager in the company. The accused is a former engineering for UBERpool, the cab giant's ride-sharing service.

These accusations were noticed by Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick who called them 'abhorrent and against everything we believe in'. Thereafter, Kalanick ordered a new HR officer to conduct the investigation urgently.

Travis said, "There can be absolutely no place for this kind of behaviour at Uber. Anyone who behaves this way or thinks this... Read More

While women amount to approximately half of the labor force and are broadly represented in most fields of employment, their position remains marginal in the construction industry. Despite pro-women initiatives, a manpower deficiency and an ageing workforce, construction is still predominated by white middle-aged males.

Prejudice and stereotypes are still present in the construction industry, both among entrepreneurs, union representatives and male colleagues. Prejudices are beliefs that limit our openness to others and that prevent change. To move from a homogeneous culture... Read More

Smart city mission was launched on June 2015 by Prime Minister. Indian Cabinet has approved about US$15 billion for the development of cities (100 cities). We all know that the Indian economy is continuously attracting global acclaim. Many cities were struggling to adjust with the unplanned development plans. The fast increasing the gap between poor and rich is also great matter of concern. That’s why Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched this smart city Yojana ( )

The Main Perspective

The objective of Smart City Yojana is to develop a city and... Read More

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has released their 2016 edition of World Intellectual Property Indicators. Through their own data, combined with that of global patent offices and the World Bank, they seek to build a comprehensive picture of the state of intellectual property around the world. The indicators span from patents to microorganisms and plant varieties filed in over 100 different countries.

Director General Francis Gurry is optimistic about the global IP market. “As policymakers seek to invigorate growth around the world, it is encouraging to report that... Read More

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The world we live in currently, one would be very hard pressed to experience rational peace and genuine freedom. "Peace", is a rare and almost extinct commodity. It is a shadow in the memory of humanity, a mere moment in the blink of an eye that we seldom...


Nice piece Credo as usual. You mention in context at the end "for fear of making war with the Gods." The keystone of peace lies crumbling,simply because the 'Gods of war' reign supreme despite race, religion,etc. Hypothetically if religion didn't exist...


I have serious doubts about the reality of Christ, but I have no doubt that if he existed, he did not look the way as the image commonly depicted in the U S and the rest of the West does. As the early Christians made war on pagan civilizations and cultures,...