Thursday, March 21, 2019

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My wife and I have our own “bank” accounts. These are not the typical accounts that hold money, but they are vitally important to our grand partnership. We call them our "Division of Labor" accounts. These accounts don’t build slowly over time as one would think, but they rise and fall dramatically with each day. But let me not get ahead of myself. I need to go back in time and explain how our bank accounts came to be. Back to a time when the concept of "Division of Labor" didn’t even exist for us.

Infatuation. We meet at a party. We fall in love, kind of. One of us thinks the timing... Read More

I let Emma, my dog, take me for a walk this morning. Well, actually, we started this morning and got back late this afternoon.

This doesn’t happen often, as it requires both that I be in a really good mood and have plenty of time on my hands. In fact, this was the first time that I’ve let Emma walk me in a couple of years.

When I walk Emma, there are rules: I choose our route and, while I do allow her to stop and sniff whatever treasures, visible and invisible, she may find along the way, I impose time limits, anywhere from five to ten seconds per sniffing episode.

When... Read More

A woman in her mid 40's, meets a nice chap on line from London. They talk, laugh and maybe even cybersex a bit. They regularly meet on line for some exchange and begin to ponder meeting in person. An adventure sounds fun, promising a London excursion and bedroom adventures, she decides to purchase a round trip ticket to London to meet Mr. Hottie at the Airport in London.

He never showed up...

Today I received a 4 am phone call, my freind is frantic, scared, and in a panic over her situation, her purse has been snatched by a kid on the streets of London, her bank account is overdrawn,... Read More

Guys just can't get a break these days. If it's not one thing it's another. Bad parenting, infidelity, you name it. But the final knock out punch was when I heard that Tiger Woods had now joined the club of cheaters. Not Tiger! Please say it aint' so!

This news rocked my world. Not that I follow celebrities and athletes and their various extra-curricular activities too much. But Tiger....Well, he's Tiger. I've always rooted for him in all aspects of his life, on and off the course. He's always been so unique, so talented, so cool.

But now what? The GUYS and I have been working... Read More

Dear Guys, I'm a shy, 35 year old woman. I'm not much into the dating scene. Partly because I'm busy, working two jobs just to pay the rent.

But I do have two men who are very interested in me and I've been dating both of them when I have time. Since I'm religious, I'm not having physical relations with either of them. Both men have expressed interest in taking the relationship to the next level. I'm not sure what to do. One is 18 yrs. older than me, and the other is 5 years younger than me.

I do like both of them, but not sure how to proceed. I'm just not sure. What do you guys... Read More

Divorce impacts many couples. The sanctity of marriage seems to be a tenuous bond these days, easily broken by the many temptations life holds: other men, other women, more excitement, more free time, more money......the list goes on. So what makes the bond between people strong? Well sure, LOVE. We hope that would be reason number one. And what else? Loyalty, responsibility, friendship, kids? Sure, these would all be good reasons.

But we'd like to give five reasons that maybe you hadn't thought of. These are moments that are NEVER, EVER spoken about, but happen in every home around... Read More

Dear Guys,

I am 17 and in high school. The boys in our school seem infatuated with well-developed and flirtatious girls, of which I'm neither. I'm more of a jock. I play soccer and basketball and hang out with my girlfriends. But I am interested in boys and would like to be part of the “scene” in some way. Is it true that all they care about is looks? Heather, Indiana

Dear Heather,

Thanks for writing. We're glad you play organized sports and are doing your own thing. More girls should follow your example. So let's get to your question.

Looks definitely matter... Read More

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