Signs that’ll prompt you to seek help of a marriage counselor

Most of us think that we are living fairytale wedding when we tie the knot with someone special. You might just be aware of ‘meeting the person’, ‘having a whirlwind courtship period’, ‘tying the knot’ and then ‘living happily ever after’. Something that you don’t get to learn from fairytales is that there are times when relationships don’t work. We never get into a relationship with the tool of managing all sorts of challenges and this is when the help of the experts come in. Experts are the marriage counselors who assist you in learning the new ways of jamming with your partner.

Now the most sought-after question is that when do you know for sure that you’re in need of a marriage counselor? You may visit to know about the best marriage counselors or therapists who are waiting to offer their help to you. Here are few signs that you need to seek help of a marriage counselor.

#1: When you both are not talking

There are many relationship problems which stem from not communicating properly with each other. If you seek help of a marriage counselor, he will tell you about the newest ways in which you can again spark communication with each other. But if the communication has been deteriorated, it is tough to get it going in the proper direction.

#2: When all that you talk is negative

Whenever you talk negative, this leaves a partner feeling shamed, judged, disregarded or insecured as they wish to withdraw themselves from the conversation. When we say negative conversation, we mean the tone of the conversation since the way you say things also matter. Whenever there is emotional abuse, negative communication can escalate and this can also include non-verbal communication.

#3: When your affection is seen as punishment

There are people who get extremely angry over very small things and then they tend to withhold affection. In case there is one partner who begins to act as a parent or the punisher, this will lead to lack of balance in the relationship.

#4: When you fantasize having an affair

Whenever you fantasize about having an affair, this is a sign that you want something which is much different from what you have now. After one partner gets involved in an extra-marital affair, it is tough for the relationship to survive.

So, if you’re going through any of the above listed situations, these are strong signs that you’re in need of an expert marriage counselor. Get help and bring back the lost essence of your relation.