Can You Really Save A Dying Relationship?

Not many people will admit it but sometimes relationships just start to fizzle after a few years. For most, they will go into a relationship hoping that it will be just as strong five, ten, twenty years down the line but it does take work. You have to put effort into a relationship and nurture it in order for it to remain strong.

Reality is that some of us will find that the spark that started everything dies out and the relationship ends. Some people are able to overcome this and keep the spark alive or relight it all it takes is a bit wrong. Yes, there are some relationships that should end but if you both want it to work then there's no harm in trying.

If like a lot of couples you want to salvage your relationship and avoid breaking up. Have a look below at some ways you can help a dying relationship:

Show Your Appreciation

When you've been in a relationship for a while it can become a bad habit to forget to compliment and show your appreciation to your partner. We often start to take small actions for granted and forget to be appreciative. Even thanking each other for the little things like cooking dinner or picking up milk from the shop can go a long way. If someone from the relationship feels unappreciated then resentment can start to build and it can spell disaster. If you're forgetting to say thank you in your relationship, maybe it's time to make a little extra effort.

Share Compliments

It can be far too easy to forget and stop sharing compliments in a long term relationship. You get used to each other and understand that you find each other attractive so you don't tell the other person. Even small comments like 'you look nice today' can go far.

Rekindle Your Sex Life

It's not a hidden secret that having a healthy sex life is a massive part in a relationship. whether you've been in a relationship for ten years or one, it still has a crucial role in any relationship succeeding. With some long term relationships, the quality of sex can drop and cause issues. Some people choose to include aids in the bedroom but do your research as recently counterfeit sex toys have been seen online. It's always important to be safe.

Be Careful With Words

Words can hurt and sometimes in a long term relationship you can forget to be careful when speaking out. The words that you use in your relationship matter. Sometimes you can hurt someone without realising. What sounds normal to you may hurt your partner. This often happens when issues arise. Maybe one of you has put on too much weight or have started spending too much time away from home. Whatever it may be when addressing the issues it's important to be careful with your wording.

If you're both willing in a relationship to try and make it work then following these tips could help. Do you have any other tips that can help? Please share them in the comments below.