Monday, June 17, 2019

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Choosing an engagement ring can easily become an ordeal. Just thinking about the pressure and social expectations can be enough to completely ruin the experience. The truth is that if you're well-prepared, buying an engagement ring can be pretty exciting – after all, this is a kind of gift you give your loved one just once in their lifetime. Here are 5 key tips to help you choose a perfect engagement ring.

1. Choose the band

The band is basically that circular part of the ring that sits around the finger. Most of the time it's made of silver, gold, platinum... Read More

Engagement is the first step for agreement to officially print your Indian wedding cards.When most people think about choosing an engagement ring, they’re focused on getting the biggest and most attractive diamond ring possible. But did you know that there’s a lot of conflict involved with the acquisition of diamonds, both from a human rights and an environmental perspective? This is why ethical engagement rings have become popular over the last few years, and why more and more couples are thinking about purchasing ethical rings rather than traditional engagement rings.

Before you... Read More

Adult dating websites which offer the capability for intimate adult dating sex chat receive a higher proportion of visitors and have a larger number of subscribers than their relatively less explicit counterparts whose overt advertising efforts are usually seen a lot much more in mainstream online and offline media. Why is this so important? Well, it's important because understanding why adult dating services get more website traffic than other more popular online dating services is an essential aspect to understanding the allure of these services and what you stand to benefit from them. Adult... Read More


Look i'm seldom serious. Some people alcoholise themselves to smithereens some drag drugs up their snouts or up in arms in the mistaken belief the higher they get the closer to the drug God of "open sez/seize me" they become? The ultimate?...ul argue over that though. But not today. I get my kicks or penultimate pleasure out of joculating. Clowning around jocular that is. Even if in that moment i'm talking to a female i've just met,to make a point, i have on occasion touched a woman lightly on the arm with the back of my hand to emphasize... Read More


Look! If ever i've insulted someone accidently, male and or specially females...i will go to the end of my birth to apologize.

I have big clumsy feet. But girls of all ages please listen. I read a short piece in the newspaper about a Nobel Prize winner handing in his portfolio SIMPLY because he made these comments at a mixed staff lunch. In jest.

Quote: "women researchers fall in love with male researchers...male researchers fall in love with women researchers. Women cry! UNQOUTE.

Apparently a woman...women? got upset, causing the... Read More

Have you ever loved, cared for, supported or wished for a relationship with someone and it just wasn’t meant to be no matter how hard you tried? Made you someone you weren’t? Caused you to lose part of your soul in the process, leaving you empty-handed after weeks, months or even years of trying?

Well, you’re not alone.

But why do so many keep hanging on when clearly the object of their affection just doesn’t feel the same way no matter what?

Raising my hand, like most others, I’ll admit being guilty of this. I’ve had failed relationships that I gave way too much effort... Read More


She lay there, irritated, as some women do on occasion when something like a nettle of regret, unsettled conscious, unresolved remnants of parting sorrow do- to a sensitive woman. The nettle scratches the subconscious waiting fretfully,impatiently, for its frame of sleep to enable it to paint obscure. Brush a picture, a patchwork of uncontrollable deep sleep thought.The reward a deep slumber initiates. She couldn't sleep because of the urge. Rather like a tap that drips monotonously like a water metronome. Irritating. Constant. Unrelenting. She heard the same monotonous... Read More

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