Monday, June 17, 2019

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Although “the final surrender” is frequently used as a reference to the moment when life ends, it is not necessarily about death; change, when it finally occurs, is a process of surrendering that evolves from a physical, mental and spiritual convergence so compelling that it defies description.

The best that can be achieved is learning how to articulate what is experienced on as many levels as possible so that what is being expressed can be identified by others with familiarity that rings true in their own lives.

Putting one’s self in someone’s shoes, a difficult achievement,... Read More

The future is the summation of all the steps it will take to get there. The destination is the direction pursued to reach a goal that defines some kind of horizon beyond which nothing can be seen. Any further attempt to be more specific about its dimensions would distort the possibilities.

As the journey progresses, the horizon will change and always be just out of reach. Trying to jump ahead too quickly can disrupt the sequence and balance needed for stability as the movement towards the future proceeds.

Seeing a situation coming a few milliseconds before it happens... Read More

Continuing my interview with Cynthia Occelli, self-described “author, mother, businesswoman, with a law degree & a black belt in shopping,” Cynthia shares why she started a blog, how she began growing blog traffic and what provides her the most joy from every post she shares.

BusinessLife: So far, you have been quite candid about your own personal struggles and how you used them to help better yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in the world of business. You've had an amazing life.

Cynthia: Yes.

BusinessLife: When did you decide you wanted to share information... Read More

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much are a few sentences worth when the words give you hope, opportunity and empowerment, both at work in your personal life? That’s what I hoped to find out by interviewing a new member to “The BROO,” Cynthia Occelli.

Cynthia’s blog, “LIFE: It isn’t for the faint of heart,” (, is filled with a multitude of relatable life lessons that, Cynthia says come straight from what she has learned herself, throughout her own journeys in life.

I first discovered her blog on one of my regular visits to BlogCatalog.... Read More

Let Me Qualify That!

‘I’m a failure!’

I used to say this quite frequently. I would look back over my life and ask myself just what had I accomplished? Had I realized even one of the dreams I held so dear as a child? But then, one day, I had a revelation.

So what were my dreams? What had I hoped to do with my life?

First and foremost I always wanted to be a writer. To me, being a writer meant having a best seller – being a household name, like Stephen King, or Dean Koontz. Well, it never happened. However I did have a piece of my work published. I took part in an... Read More

I always considered space to be the only frontier and not the last. For this reason, I gleefully soaked up every space or alien TV show (rather than Westerns) that shot its cathode rays across the living room. I was born in the mid-70's, which put me in the middle of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Deep Space Nine and Voyager would come later but by the time they splashed across my TV screen I was mind deep in the X-Files.

I was always excited by the star hopping, planet busting, warp speed pushing and incredible manipulation of time fare that Star Trek offered up. Star... Read More

His song expressed the dream of every child, including African children, born in smoke-filled huts in rural villages, who hoped one day to live a kingly life in the city holding a top government, or corporate job including that of president of their country. I wasn't immune to such dreams. I was born and raised in a small village in a remote part of Zambia, Africa. Dr David Livingstone crossed the Lwangwa River near this village in 1874 on his last trip to Africa. Illiteracy was 100 per cent. No wonder Dr Livingstone called Africa "the dark continent."

But missionaries who followed... Read More

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