7 Great Tips to Keep Your Student Life Organized

We all read the tips and know some organization ideas. The trick is to imply them to study effectively. And later, life organization skills will be a great advantage in your career.

1. Write everything down

Do not rely on your memory only. Write down the tasks and ideas, syllabi, chores, deadlines, and tips, as well as homework and shopping lists. Use sticky notes. Mark with color the tasks that belong to different spheres. Write down the steps of doing particular types of work and have the notes in front of you while carrying it out. Cross off the planned meetings and activities when they are over. By the way, it will also motivate you to see how much is done.

2. Plan everything but stay flexible

To have a schedule and stick to it sounds great. If you are already doing it, you might have noticed, it is not always that helpful. Even when you are not procrastinating, there are other issues. First of all, be flexible, if a planned activity is canceled or postponed, or there is something wrong with it. You wanted to do some project work in pair, but your mate can not come? Use the time gap to start writing an essay! You have planned to go to the library, but it is raining? Possibly, you will spend more time walking, and then warming yourself. Re-organize your day, swap the activities within the week. Prioritize – divide your tasks into urgent and long-term. These effective techniques will help you to create a really effective schedule.

3. Create a graded task list

Don't try to list all the tasks and accomplish them one by one. Divide them into minor and must-be-done. Try doing at least three important things per day. And if they are very difficult, put to your schedule some easy minor tasks between them.

4. Sort out things

Sort out both belongings and the activities in your schedule. Think, what do you really need for comfortable and full life? When you have more stuff than you need in the room it produces clutter, and if you are trying to do more stuff than you want and are able to – it produces disorder in your life. Investigate, what wastes your time and eliminate it. If you see, that you have approaching deadline for coursework, leave the minor essays to Write My Essay EduBirdie!

5. Do it regularly

Review and update your notes at least once per week. You might get something lost among other records. You might need to change your plans in general. You get updates on the homework and stuff. So find time to update your lists for a week and a month.

6. Do it before deadline

Plan to finish your important assignment papers in advance, a day to three before the time limit expires. So you have time to double check and correct everything once more.

7. Use technology for everything

You can use notes on smartphone or text files for point 1, and specially designed planner apps for point 2 and 3. Choose an appropriate interface that will make organization a real pleasure for you. For instance, there are gamified applications. Use calendar and reminders. Also, you can find inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest. But remember – the writing down itself doesn't substitute for action.