America's Creed

America’s Creed

America’s self-conception is described by our Declaration
It proclaims a set of premises about what it means to be our Nation.
Its purposes and promises are detailed in the Constitution,
But their practical realization has had a long and arduous evolution.

America’s officials are elected to govern, not to rule.
Just power is not a weapon, but a tool.
Elected officials should strive to mend our Union’s fissures;

Not to pursue dominance while solidarity withers.

Politics must foster progress, not further partisan gain
Those who divide to conquer the nation’s honor stain;
Every agency and officer must secure everyone’s human and civil rights;
Whether the persons be Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows, or Whites

America’s Republic forms one nation and one people - indivisible;
Words and deeds disruptive to unity are frankly impermissible.
All patriotic Americans must rally to its banner
And seek liberty and justice for all in a firm and honorable manner.

Now we once again face times that try our souls;
Will, we stand by America’s ideals and struggle for its goals?
Without a renewed commitment of lives, fortunes, and sacred honor,
The last, best hope of humankind may soon become a goner.

Will we be sunshine patriots and summer soldiers?
Or will we highly resolve to take this burden on our shoulders?
Will we find the courage celebrated in our stories and songs?
And unify to right many of the wrongs.

Although times are turbulent, the raging battle is not lost;
Now, all true American patriots must pay a portion of the cost.
Let us resume the struggle to bring our destiny to be;
And ensure treachery no longer stains the banner of the free

America will not bloom as what it must and ought to be
Unless all of us assume and well perform our solemn duty
Our hallowed Republic and its Constitutional ideals
Will not be fully and firmly realized while so many blithely cool their heels,

America’s Creed is splendid and no burden to defend
But if words don't become actions, our shame will never end.
Every sworn and silent enemy must be confronted and defeated.
Citizens must affirm and advance the Creed until its realization is completed!

So, my dear compatriots, there's not much more to say.
The crucial question remains: “Will we rally and save the day?”
Despite our manifest differences, we are all equally human,
And the dictum driving us forward must be “E Pluribus Unum!”