Sunday, May 26, 2019

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If you are preparing for the CFA, taking a mock exam will give you a taste of the real thing and will help you focus your studying. In fact, it is best to take several mock exams so that you can track your progress and refocus your study schedule. Websites like offer practice and mock CFA exams to help you study. Here are a few places where you can find mock exams:

CFA Institute: The CFA institute offers topic tests, as well as mock exams, that are free to students who have registered for the CFA as well as a CFA study program. The topic tests are shorter... Read More

Academic writing is the process of deductive reasoning and breaking down of certain ideas, in the formal voice and third person’s point of view. It is the study of the researcher thinking and contribution of other researchers with providing evidence to the thesis statement of an individual research question.

There can be multiple types of academic writing including research papers, literature surveys, and course work these all have solutions for the individual problem encountered during a research study.

There can be many tips for effective academic writing some of them discussed... Read More

A top notch web site attracts on prospective customers in-and keeps them there. Twitter and Facebook can not compensate for the deficiency of a quality site, despite the fact that the advertising landscape has been completely transformed by the rise of social media. A badly constructed web site shares low quality products or services, thus do not cut corners if you do not have the abilities by design a web site yourself. Hiring an expert web site designer to foster your institution's image (and bottom line) is a good investment.

Take the following into consideration when selecting a... Read More

An MBA has always been one of the marks of a good, competent candidate for a senior executive or leadership role. If you are in middle management and want to start preparing for the next step up the ladder, or have aspirations to start up on your own, it is still the best qualification you can get in terms of demonstrating all round business knowledge and skills. However, if you need any more convincing, here are eight good reasons to start your MBA as soon as you can?

It Can Help You Join the New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Much is made of the fact that many of the biggest... Read More

There was a time when big companies and corporations requested professional translation service only on an ad hoc basis. However, given the dynamic nature of the business operations today, demand for professional translators is on a rise. From the medical and pharmaceutical industry to the travel and tourism sector, everywhere the need is felt to avail professional translation services.

With businesses going international, they are more likely to interact with people who speak in languages other than English. Translation and interpretation services not only help in converting a text... Read More

If you are thinking to become a risk analyst, the first step that you will need to take is ensuring that this career path is the right fit depending on your skills, interests and personality traits. If you enjoy reviewing and analyzing financial and accounting documents, industry developments and related resources, have an interest in risk mitigation and coverage, enjoy working in a corporate environment, have good skills in mathematics, analytic and business communication and are hoping for a lucrative, rewarding career, you are probably well suited for a career as a risk analyst.

Education... Read More

On the contrary, most employees are fired due to the absence of people skills such as professional behaviour at the workplace and effective communication; also known as soft skills. Both, hard and soft skills are essential in a professional milieu as a combination of both creates an effective, efficient, successful and creative workforce which in turn results in a growing organisation.

Understanding hard & soft skills

Hard skills are those required to perform a job including learned skills geared to train an individual for a professional career. These are mostly tangible skills,... Read More

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Why do Students need to write Essays at College?

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