How To Go Green With Your Office Fit Out

Offices today are making efforts to shrink their footprint. Growing awareness of environmental protection among customers makes it essential for business owners to uphold environmental friendly principles. When planning an office fit out, make it green to play your part in conserving the planet. A reputed commercial fit out company will select materials to save the environment and your office a significant amount in the long run. This is a trick to set your brand apart while attracting new customers.

Tips to a green fit out


These are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to separate spaces in your office. Apart from encouraging minimal potential waste, partitions lower your carbon footprint. With an ever-changing office environment, using partitions is a flexible solution to adapt your workspace. The best thing about using partitions is endless customization options.

Custom office partitions are easy to integrate into any office space. This is a great idea for desk areas with a need for privacy. Partitions come in various eye-catching options to boost staff productivity while creating breakout areas. The ideal partitions for your office fit out to go green are from sustainable materials including glass and bamboo.

LED lighting

Illumination is an essential feature in an office environment. For a green fit out, opt for motion detection LED lights that lower the energy bills. Energy-efficient lighting is an essential aspect of a sustainable office. Enlist one of the best commercial fit out companies to handle your project. These understand the importance of natural light to lower electricity bills. Encouraging this includes adopting features including bay windows, skylights, and translucent wall panels. These give your staff an extra boost of Vitamin D to make them perform with flourishing enthusiasm.

For artificial lighting in your office, powers saving LED lights are a good option. These are 100 percent recyclable and work without the risk of exposure to mercury and UV rays. This significantly lowers your office’s greenhouse gas emissions and disposal that end up in landfills. You can have motion detector LED lights to lower the energy bill further.

Green floors

A commercial fit out company can upgrade your floor with green materials including recycled timber and bamboo. Opting for green floors appeals to environmentally savvy customers. Fit out professionals offer eco-friendly solutions for your floors without sacrificing style in your office. The experts will help you select durable and affordable floor options to lower your footprint including linoleum and polished concrete.

An unlikely green floor option, concrete is easy to clean and lasts forever. Linoleum is derived from natural sustainable sources, unlike vinyl. The best thing is that it avoids petrochemicals. This makes it better than synthetic options for office floors.

Eco-style fittings

Consider recycling current joinery with sustainable storage solutions including shelving and cabinets reflecting your brand’s green conscience. Dutiful decor portrays your eco-chic appeal. For cost-effectiveness, carbon-neutral furniture is a great solution for a green fit out. For organic design elements, opt for custom-built reception counters made with recycled tiles.

Other options include bamboo desk systems with a toxin-free finish and reclaimed conference tables. Promote recycling in your office by up-cycling current joinery with sustainable systems. This reflects your brand’s effort to protect the environment. Donate all old furniture instead of sending it to the landfill.


During your office fit out, avoid regular paints. These have harmful toxic compounds that vaporize air leading to pollution. This exposes customers and employees to serious health risks. Opt for eco-paints that come in various natural colors. Low toxic paint comes in various color schemes with green certification.

A professional and experienced office fit out company will help you select sustainable paint options for coating your workplace walls. The ideal toxin-free paint offers exceptional performance without exposure to volatile organic compounds in regular paints. You can opt for green paint with antimicrobial properties for resistance to stains and scrubs.

Introduce nature

Give your office fit out a unique twist by introducing natural elements in your breakout spaces. Vertical green walls and an indoor garden make your space become alive. This office fit out boosts productivity while allowing customers and employee to connect with nature. Live plants in your indoor space enhance oxygen for optimize brain function. It also lets your office grow and breathe while lowering your carbon footprint.

Employees will enjoy spending days working in a healthy environment. The office becomes more engaging and cultivates positive vibes. Apart from introducing an edible garden into your breakout space, you can introduce prepackaged snacks in the desk drawers.

In conclusion

When considering an office fit out, make it green. Partner with a reputable commercial fit out company to incorporate strategies that make your office greener. Fixtures such as LED lighting, partitions, green floors, and introducing nature. This makes your brand appeal more to customers and saves your business a significant amount in the long run.